Feelings about stamp collages?

I love gathering and looking at stamps and I love to make stamp collages (the kind that don’t have overlapping stamps, so you can see all of each stamp) I’ve been mulling over the idea of making some thematic stamp collage cards (ie: floral, insects, boats, etc). I would never use stamps that actually have historical value or could be sold for more than 20 cents (usd) but I have this anxiety that I would send one to someone who would be upset they couldn’t add the stamps I’ve used to their collection, because they are glued down.

So, I’m wondering how people feel about stamp collages? Is it offensive to you that someone would do this with an undamaged commemorative stamp?

I’ve thought of trying to use an adhesive that would allow the stamps to be soaked off again, but I really don’t think there’s a practical way for me to do that.


To start, I’ve recently started an art series of mix media with stamps imbuned in my paintings. I find it serendipitous to come across this question while the project is in its prime.

As far as answering your question, you do you! Create your art to your own content! This website and forum is for postcard exchange, not stamp collection. I would be honored if someone created a unique art piece just to send to me. If someone is upset merely because they can’t use the stamps you’ve put your heart into then that is a toxic issue on their end, not yours. Don’t change your artistic glow because of a possible upset recipient. :heart:


I love stamp collages and would definitely not be offended by them! I do consider myself a stamp collector but I prefer to collect the stamps “in situ” on postcards. Stamp collages as the postcard design fit in that (in my mind anyway). I received a couple of stamp collage cards over the years, and they are among my favorite of all my cards. :heart:


I’ve asked that very question of 3 or 4 collectors I have gotten used stamps from & all of them were fine with them being used for art purposes.

Now, if they were mint collectibles, I suspect they’d have a problem, but the average used stamps are in a different category.

So create away! Enjoy!


Some months ago, another member sent me two samples of stamp collages she made. They were quite attractive. She also sent me a sample of the card stock she uses (attached photo). Is this how you make your collages?


I use large sheets of 300gsm mixed media paper that I cut down

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I’m a stamp collector and I love stamp collages :slight_smile: I use stamps in my own collages quite often and I never even think to check the value of them. (Not that I really collect stamps for the value anyway)


Thank you for the encouragement everyone! I think I will power ahead with my collages. :smiley: :postcard:


I recently got this one:

and love it… funny thing, the front was stamped, but the stamps for sending the card were still mint (although used off course)!


I find stamp collage cards nice and funny. I do sometimes get bit upset if I see one with exactly the stamps I am collecting and haven’t yet got, but “offensive” is bit too strong word for that. It is more like “oh heck, I would have loved that in my collection… oh well, I might find it later” So no hard feelings, but it might be a good idea to check that you are not using the most rarest ones :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, like I have literal bags of used stamps that are so common and no-value at all that I wouldn’t mind at all to have them turned into postcards or other kind of collages. After all, it is just a new life for those stamps. Instead of being thrown away, they get a new meaning. I like the reuse, recycle, reduce ideology more than having lots of unwanted stamps just sitting around.

If you are feeling bad, you can always avoid sending the collage cards to most hard-core stamp collectors. They usually mention that in their profile so it is easy to select the right members to send the card to. But then again, they might enjoy stamp collages too.


I’m also a stamp collector and sometimes upset when I see the used stamp in perfect condition clued into the collage. I have made stamps collage cards too, but always and only from torn or otherwise damaged stamps. I receive those damaged ones enough for my hand made art.

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