Feedback request from teachers for the World Postcard Day lesson plan

Hi everyone!

One of the activities we did last year for the World Postcard Day was a lesson plan, which was translated into several languages and used in classrooms a bit all over the world.

We’ve just started rolling up our sleeves to prepare for this year’s events, and we’d like to know how well the lesson plan worked in practice, for the teachers.

  • If you used the World Postcard Day lesson plan in your class, could you take a minute to give us some feedback about how it worked on the day? What parts were helpful/not helpful? What did your class acomplish, in practice?

  • And if you didn’t use it but you’re a teacher, perhaps you can still have a look and let us know whether this would work on your classroom?

All feedback is helpful and appreciated!


As a former classroom teacher, some suggestions for consideration:

  1. As each school district/country/grade have different curricula requirements, perhaps consider an opening statement suggesting that educators draw specifically from the curriculum documents they are using?
  2. Additional teacher resource: Smithsonian - Postcard History;
  3. Economics (under social studies). There is such a rich history of postcards used for marketing, of all sorts: products, brands, important events, such as World Fair, exhibition openings, ideas, etc. Perhaps provide some suggestions for students to create postcards that market a school event, such as an upcoming play or a fundraiser. It would be helpful if some marketing resrouces were included in the lesson plan to support this idea.
  4. Create postcards for upcoming special holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, Remembrance Day, Christmas, etc., that students can either send to elderly residents in senior’s homes, or to members of their own families.
  5. Provide a resource list of international PenPal exchanges for students; e.g., Student Letter Exchange, or PenPal Schools. There are others. You might consider adding some sort of caveat/warning about security and safety issues for children’s privacy and protection, with users reminded to follow school district guidelines.
  6. Postcard time capsule. An entire school population could participate. :slight_smile:

Just some ideas…


Thanks, @meiadeleite ! I’ll check out the English, French and Spanish ones this evening.