Favourites -- should we thank?

When someone (not the recipient) sees a card we have sent and “favourites” it some time later, should we send a brief thank-you note?


I don’t say “ thank you” when someone favorite mine because no one do it on Postcrossing.
But I think it’s a great idea :+1:


Hi! I don’t, that person saves that cards to his/her wall of favourites in hope to receive such card in future from someone else. Also, such wall gives a hint: what kind of cards the person prefers to receive


It’s not a custom and I would find it tiring, to be honest. I don’t “favorite” cards to be nice to the sender, but just because I like the card. :sweat_smile: When you have many cards or you favorite a lot, it could turn out like spam.


When I was a newbie I got messages from French and US members whose cards I marked as favorite, “I noticed you marked some of my cards as favorite. If you want them, just send me your address.” Weeks later I received 5 cards from the French member and 1 card from the US member :smiley:


No, there’s no need - that’s the beauty of the favourite button. It’s a brief way of saying you like an image/card & doesn’t require any follow up.

I’ve occasionally messaged someone if they had a question about the image and left it as a comment, but very rarely.


Also, unless you are the creator of the card, to me it would be a bit weird - to thank/be thanked for liking something that the sender most likely bought :woman_shrugging:t2:
Exception of course for handmade cards or for those who are (professional) photographers/designers.

I had never even thought about it :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


Hi, I like the idea. But while reading the other answers I came to think: Would the receiver of the thank you then thank you … and so on?
And it convinced me regarding the huge amount of cards, favs and likes many postcrossers have - would cause too much mail traffic in some inboxes.
If there is a certain question from someone I would answer it though.

And I do enjoy getting likes on my send cards. Not only those I took the picture of or made otherwise. It’s a good feeling to see others like the cards I chose. Makes me a bit happy to know someone enjoyed it. Like the card being appreciated more.
To me a like more on a card is more than someone hoping to get such a card in the future. (Like me, many people just like to collect beautiful pictures in their wall, without wanting to possess themselves.)


Favouring a card is already a compliment. (Don’t need to push things further! :sweat_smile:)