Favourite profile prompts

Hello <3

Which suggestion that you’ve put for cards into your bio is your favourite/ has gotten you the most beautiful cards?

I put that I like the colour pink and so far gotten multiple cards in that colour and what I find especially lovely about it is that people explain on the card why they picked that one. It’s very nice to see how much thought is put into that.
And it just looks very pretty on my postcard wall.


My wish for cards showing a stuffed moose watching a swimming lady brought me some very funny cards!


My two best ones are anything weird or ugly and old photos. I’ve received many very odd cards!


I’ve put up a challenge on my profile for a couple of weeks to shock my mailman. They did not disappoint :grin:


I added this line a few months ago:

Perhaps you can answer this question: Are we living in a reality or in a simulation?

That has resulted in many interesting answers, and perhaps a tendency to sci-fi and odd postcards. The best response came from someone who wrote a lot of detail on the postcard, and sent a separate three-page letter with her answer!

By the way, no conclusions yet on the correct answer.


Not at all surprising, but I get mostly horse cards :smiley: Otherwise there seems to be no specific genre. It is either horse or going with the “anything is ok”, which then again results to wide selection of very different cards.

But then on the text side… Oh boy do people love to brag about their skills of whistling and yet nobody has attempted to teach me how to do it :joy: On the shared second place are car, video games and ice cream.


I am very happy when I receive a postcard of Unesco World Heritage site I do not have.
I also love :heart_eyes: matching stamps.

It has been changing from time to time really. It seems I go thru “seasons” when it comes to cards I’m receiving :grin: When I started Postcrossing in 2015, flowers and trains were the two most common subjects depicted in the cards I received. At one point I received a lot of cards with children’s book illustrations and at another point the “trend” was ad cards of alcoholic drinks.

Maybe the only topic that has been somewhat consistent over time is animals. I’ve received anything and everything from domestic cat to a tarantula to a frog to a beaver. I think this reflects my personality quite accurately :slight_smile:

When it comes to the message, I’ve gotten quite a lot of messages in which people like to share something in their native language with me. On the other hand, I’ve also received cards written either entirely or partly in Finnish, even though I cannot recall ever requesting that :+1:

My favourite prompt on my profile is cartoon/illustrations (especially kawaii cards).

The prompt is pretty broad, so there are many ways for the sender to interpret it. I enjoy seeing what kinds of interpretations they have!

I’ve received cards that are more comic-like. Cards that are mash-ups between this prompt and other prompts (like illustrated Disney or illustrated touristic). Funny cards. And everything in between!

What are your favorite prompts to ask or answer?
Mine are usually pet/dog related, memories, and recipes!
Let me know yours, I’m putting together a huge list :slight_smile:


Book recommendations are often good.


Love that!

I just had a prompt that was “tell me what you’re going to do as soon as you’re done writing this postcard”. I didn’t think much of it, but it was great because I did say what I was going to do, but it helped springboard my brain to write more than just the prompt.


I love book recommendations, things around you, the weather, and recipes!

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My last sent postcard was a personal list of ‘5 little things in life that make me happy’, for inspiration, amusement, or whatever to the receiver. :slight_smile:

I’ve asked for anything that would make me say "Wow! I wish I could paint this!!’ or their own or child/grandchilds artwork. Senders don’t disappoint. I’ve had wonderful cards as well as messages of how much they enjoyed trying to create a card. WINNER!! :grinning: