Favorites at a Glance?

Sunday, May 5, 2024 - 14:31 (UTC -5)

Hello, PC Support:

Three of the five postcards shown on this first row of my current Sent Wall are Favorites. Can you tell which ones?

No. You’d have to open each postcard individually to see that.

Please consider an improvement that would let us see if a postcard on a Wall (Sent or Received) has been marked as a Favorite.

One space after the last digit of the Postcard ID, you could place a green dot equal in size to the letter “o” in the word “To” before the Member Name of the recipient. That would indicate that at least one Member has marked the card as a Favorite. We could then see at a glance the Favorites on a page of Wall and then look further at the individual cards to see more if we wanted.

Favorites are an important part of Postcrossing. They give us an idea of what to send and what’s appreciated. Being able to see them at a glance would make things easier.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.



Hello, you can click on popular in your wall site, there you see all your liked send postcards


I don’t know do I understand your suggestion in a right way but doesn’t this function work (at least a bit) like that?


Thanks. Yes, I know this.

But the usefulness of what you suggest is limited. Please note that the result of clicking on “Popular” is a list of cards with the number of Favorites. It does not show WHEN they were Sent or Received. What I’m looking for is a way to look at a Wall page and see what cards are Favorites, either on recent pages or perhaps a little farther back in time.

End of current reply.

Not to be too cryptic, but I’ve gone fishing with this Suggestion. :fishing_pole_and_fish: Let’s see if I get any nibbles soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some receivers also mark cards they received themself as “favorite” I have seen, which is kind of confusing…

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I’m trying to understand when would you need it?
For example if I were to send a card to you, if I would see my recent sent or received is favourited, I still wouldn’t see by whom.

I normally look what my receiver has favourited, and also try to check if they are cards the person doesn’t have, or what they received, or both.

Just seeing someone has favourited mine or the receivers card, I don’t know where to use that information.

(If there were a green dot, it would be confused to “present” dot in light mode, perhaps.)

I’m curious to hear more :slight_smile: sometimes it’s been suggested to see if the receiver member has favourited something I sent, that could be useful and a little similar to this suggestion.

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Well, I think it would be cool to look at the received cards of someone and see at a glance which ones of their received cards they favorited and what was not favorited. When you look through the favorites it’s difficult to make the connection, because Favorites are in order of the date in which they got their heart and not always in line with the received.
So when you want to check if someone already received a card and you want to know what they like you always have to check two lists. So checking one list and get a feeling would be easier and is less confusing. So I can definitely see the + of this idea. :slightly_smiling_face:
They will probably also be drawbacks like with every idea.

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Hi Mike. well… as for me it’s an interesting idea for me. you can write a script and test it. If it works, it will stay. kind regards

Yes, used this way could be useful for some, some occassions.

I would still always check two lists, at least, the ones they received, not to send the same card, and favourites, if there are ones they wish to get, but don’t have.

Because if I see they favourited some card from Finland, I would not send this same card to them. So to get an idea of what style/theme to send, I look their wish list or favourites, if they use it as wish list. (Someone can favourite a card by some illustrator, because like the illustrator, no matter what the image is, some because that card has the theme they collect, and only happens to be by this illustrator. So just seeing they like one card, doesn’t tell what in that they like :slight_smile: and of course some like all the cards they get, then it gives no information, and then I check if they favourite number is more than received, and try to look what are not received…)

I have noticed, the members who favourite a card they get, tend to do it when they receive it. If someone has their favourite wall consisting of both received and not received, the recently received are there on the first page, and I often spot at once the cards they didn’t get.

Maybe, with this suggestion the favourites wall could be left only for the cards they don’t have?

I’m not against this, and could be useful if someone has very slow connection, or not much time, to see what style the receiver likes, but to me, I have no trouble looking many walls, I even look what they sent too :slight_smile: (Still, why couldn’t it be a small heart there too, insteas of a dot?)

((Sometimes, when it’s one topic wish -person, I protect myself and don’t look their favourites, with this suggestion it would be sad then to be forced to see they don’t like most of their cards, only that one of their collection :frowning: that maybe I can’t send.))

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