Favorite postcard

I got the message that one of my postcards is a favorite for someone. But that’s not the person who received my postcard. I can see it from the profile. Should I now send him a message ? Or is it “just for fun” that he favorited my card?


Well if they are open to swaps and you have more of them
And you want to swap contact them

If not just be happy that some one liked a card you sent😀

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Many people favourite postcards just because they like them. Or they wish they would receive this card, but not necessarily from you.

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People favourite each other’s cards all the time - one of the joys of Postcrossing is looking in the Gallery https://www.postcrossing.com/gallery at all the amazing cards from everywhere in the world.

So many cool postcards in the millions that we’ve all sent to each other!


Yeah, I get notifications, too, of random people favoriting my postcards. Since you can favorite pretty much any postcard you see on the Postcrossing site, this is not surprising. I personally find it interesting to see which ones happen to be popular for people.

Thanks to all comments. Will just be happy that someone favorited my postcard.