Fastest Inter Continental Postcard Deliveries

Today I received a card from America and it is delivered in ligtening speed of just 10 days.

It is common to have faster deliveries between neighbouring countries example: European Continent.

If you have the fastest deliveries between intercontinent or with 5000+kms travelling, it would be good to see here.

Fastest delivery is defined as <11 days.



I’ve had postcards from the UK & Germany in 3 or 4 days to Canada - that’s the fastest I’ve ever had.


I have two recent candidates for this list


I think that’s my fastest intercontinental one:

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I received one from Germany to Utah in the US in 5 days (in 2020 even!). That same week a card from Texas to Utah took 10 days to go a few hundred miles.


5 days from Japan to Belgium

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6 days from USA to Belgium

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I received one from the US in 10 days, which is 3 days slower than my fastest sent, also to the US. The 3 extra days may be because it had to cross all of the US first.

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My quickest from 3 days from San Francisco, California to Germany.


3 days Canada —> Germany

4 days USA —> Germany

4 days Germany —> Japan

5 days Japan —>Germany

5 days Germany —> Israel

5 days Germany —> Canada

5 days Germany —> USA

And they are a lot more with less than 6 days.

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Wow… Sometimes mail system works superfast. Nice to know about fastest deliveries.

This is my fastest!

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I also have cards with small number of travelled days (except sending through Europe)
6 days from Belarus to USA

7 days from Belarus to Hong Kong

8 days from Belarus to Australia

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My last card received was only 10 days from Germany to Canada. I was surprised! Usually to the rest of Canada and US can take 10 days also. Even within my province takes 3-4 days at best!

And another one from Japan which arrived also in 10 days.

My fastest sent:

My fastest received:

Germany - > Canada in 4 days:

Germany-> USA in 5 dsys:

Germany - > Singapore in 5 days:

Germany - > Australia in 7 days:

Germany - > Guadeloupe in 8 days:

USA-> Germany in 4 days:

Australia-> Germany in 5 days:

Japan - > Germany in 5 days:

Will receive a card from USA tomorrow, which travels only 4 days to the Netherlands :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

9 days from Germany to me in Canada

In general, I find I get postcards more quickly from Europe than I do from my next door neighbours in the US.

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These two were the most surprsing for me, 7 days from the US to UK, and 8 days from US to Germany.

3 days either direction: USA to/from Germany and UK. Happened quite a lot before the pandemic. Probably because I am in New York City and near the exchange offices for Western Europe.