Famous in Postcrossing?

I’m curious: are there famous (singers, artists, celebrities, politicians or anyone very influential in the country on TV) participating in Postcrossing?


That’s a great question! I’m sure there’s got to be a few.

It is possible, but I imagine they will keep it a secret. Especially if Postcrossing is their private hobby. Some artists who made their own postcards, for example, might be more open though.


A book author from Portugal:


“A Chat with Samuel West”

Samuel West

Watch the video, after “about” time 18 minutes you will hear/ see the word Postcrossing :postcrossing:


to me Graham of that channel is more famous than Samuel West :slight_smile: he’s on postcrossing, but I don’t know the profile…

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I received a wonderful postcard from her🙂 I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I received a postcard from the writer❤️


Me too!:+1::gift_heart::bouquet:

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A neigbour and writer and tv writer (not know the right word) is here too. But he not like to be famous here. So i not write his name here.and a postcard designer who designet postcrossing postcard 2021 postcrossing day which i see often here make other art too.

Hello everyone!
There are several writers in Postcrossing, but they are entitled to their privacy :blush:

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I sent to Princesses! (Probably Family Famous only).


I think here in Postcrossing we have our own kind of famous. When we get to write a postcard to a postcrosser very known, a moderator or someone who appeared at the blog, I feel that as an honour :star_struck:


I recognised a veterinairy assistant in the Zoo of Leipzig. She is in a daily zoo-soap on TV.
I forgot here nickname but her name is Eve.

And I know that the mom of a murdered kadett of the Gorch Fock let the account of her daughter open in honour to her.


I once sent a card to a user who has made a record that got into the Guinness World Records book. :blush:

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wow…how cool!

True…I agree with you.
Just by reading the postcrosser’s history I can see that it is someone important. It is an honor!

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I am more thrilled for receiving a rare small country’s card. Famous or not everyone is important and I adore getting cards from children and family groups. That always makes my day. I have ended up corresponding with writers and ‘important people’ in their circles. I find that if I focus only on that I would miss out on a cool friendship.

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From the cards I receive, I can see that there are people of all social classes, ages, creeds, anonymous or famous. Postcrossing has made millions and that’s so good as there is no distinction. We are all equal in this immense world. I created the topic just out of curiosity.
Thank you for participating.


Yes! I cherish my card from @meiadeleite:slight_smile:


Right. Also got to write to that Portuguese writer :books::slight_smile:
And to some local politican in Germany… :de:
And to the towerkeeper of Münster cathedral - also a bit of a local celebrity as I understand. :european_castle: