Falkland Island Postal Services

The Falkland Islands is a wonderful, windy and wild place with few people and fewer shops.
For those that wish to visit I wanted to share some information on what is available here for your postcard and your philatelic needs.

There is only one post office in the entirety of the Falklands, in the capital and only ‘city’ (given city status as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee), Stanley.
Stanley is small and easy to navigate with the majority of shops and ‘attractions’ along one road running along the harbour (refer to map below).

Post Office Details

Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 17:00
Address: Post Office, Town Hall, Stanley
Website: Falklands Stamps (falklandstamps.com)
The post office has a range of stamps and cards available (animal photos, views and some funny ones).

There are two post boxes, one at the visitor centre and one outside the post office.

These are collected twice a week, just before the bi-weekly military flights to the UK, to be put on the plane if there is space.
However, most, if not all, mail put in the postbox is automatically sorted by machine and therefore does not receive a cancellation.
Recommended you take your mail to the counter to be marked if possible.
All mail taken to the counter is sorted on the day of arrival but, as above, will mail out of the Falklands on the bi-weekly flights.
The ladies behind the counter are lovely and always happy to help.

Where to get Post Cards?
All Postcards will be found in the main settlement/city of the Islands, Stanley.
Majority of the shops are found on Ross Road, all except The Pod which is found up Philomel Street.

The opening hours for all these locations vary depending on the season.
During the summer ‘tourist’ season (October to March), they are open often, especially on days when a cruise vessel is in port. Outside of this time they are open very little, usually with just a note on the door to let you know if they’ll be open or not.


Opening hours:

Very few postcards found here but lovely just the same.

Studio 52

A few illustrated postcards of local areas found here by the resident designer/owner.
Opening hours:

Capstan Gift Shop

A few illustrated postcards of penguins, some animal photo postcards and artistic cards.
Opening hours:

Harbour View Gift Shop

Wide range of cards of various animals and locations.
Opening hours:

The Pod

A range of cards of various animals and locations as well as some map cards.
Opening hours:

The Jetty Visitor Centre

Some animal and view cards, pre-stamped.
Opening hours:

Where to get Stamps?
All the shops mentioned above stock stamps, just ask them.
Collections and mini sheets can be found at the post office
The Pod also has old stamps available for collectors.

Other information?
For Coin collectors I recommend stopping by the Capstan Gift Shop, The Pod, or ‘Falkland Collectables’ by the Museum.

If you are visiting the Falkland Islands I recommend checking out Falklandislands.com which includes all the shops, restaurants and places to stay all over the islands, as well as hotspots for wildlife, history and tours.


I would love to send a postcard to someone in the Falklands. I possible
With the increase in postal rates in January its getting expensive. Could I have more USA cards than other countries but I will take any country!
Dennis Sesplankis