Facility to Add/Follow fellow postcrossers

Like other social networking platform, please introduce facility to add or follow any postcrosser. Nowadays due to zoom/virtual meetup postcrossers are meeting many like minded other postcrossers, it would be easy to keep in touch with them if there would be button for adding such piatcrossers as friends like Facebook!


I personally don’t want this to be like “other social platforms”, and very much like that profiles are not followed (or liked).

But, if this will happen, I suggest every member could choose whether they can be added or followed.


I accept your point of view. It’s just in last 3 virtual meetups, I could see totally 100 postcrossing members, with few I interacted and wish to be in touch with them but remembering their profiles can be tough, hence this suggestion !


Maybe the meeting organisers could have a list of attendees so you can then track them down and continue communicating? As I seem to understand that is the purpose of this suggestion :slight_smile:

I also don’t really see this like a social networking platform, though of course you are bound to communicate and network :slight_smile:

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i’d like to have a list of closer contacts or people i interact often with. At least the option to “bookmark” a profile. Like @Leopold_Uganda said, those of us with shorter memory often get lost while trying to find someone in search bar or in messages etc.

I agree it is not a social media, but it is a forum. And in forums you can have a friend list or so…


This type of thing isn’t something that is of interest to me, but I think the best way to do it so that it isn’t too much like social media would be to have a way to favorite a profile just like you can favorite a card. However, this should be private, known only by you and the person you favorited. And there would be an extra page where you could see all the profiles that you have favorited in one place. I think if it was like that, it would be ok.


Yeah, this can work…

Although I think it is well meant, my vote would also be “no” to such an option or to “favoriting” other people. Already I think Discourse has too many “badges” and whatnot that encourage people to post a lot or “like” a lot, even if maybe they don’t have a lot to say or to like. For example, I get a badge every time 10 people or more like a comment I made. Why? Should I be trying to tailor my responses so that other people like them? I think unfortunately being able to follow or favorite others would just make Postcrossing more like any other social media platform and less like a simple communication platform for people who like the project. That is of course a legitimate choice, but not one that I would embrace.


this. and also. i don’t understand the point of following or favouriting profiles. what if i follow someone, do i get notifications everytime they receive a postcard? or do we get instant messaging like other social media? i would not be interested in that at all. the whole reason i like postcrossing is so i can send out cards and write my messages on those cards.
if i wanna talk to people i’ve talked to before i look them up in my inbox. and if you wanna continue talking to them like on facebook, maybe just add them on facebook?


I like the idea of being able to bookmark a profile.
Especially, since the private messaging system is still a bit clunky.
I save all of my emails from Postcrossing so I can go back through and find things I need. Mainly, swap requests.
Once I decide which notebook I want to use, I’m going to keep a log of swaps and penpals. Just to note their username, address, and what I sent them, and when. Then I won’t be as reliant on the email notifications.


You can already do this by using your browser. Just go to Bookmarks and then add to your favorites. You can even sort your favorites into folders–so all you’ll need to do is to create a Postcrossing profile folder. Of course, this won’t work if people prefer just pressing a button instead of using the workaround.

Personally, I’m not interested in Postcrossing reinventing the wheel and turning into every other social media site. What people can do is to add their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/whatever info into their profile and if you really want to follow them, then you would use one of those services instead. And if people don’t want to be followed, then they wouldn’t enter that information onto their profile.

I use spreadsheets. Notebooks are nice, but you can’t search and sort them as easily as a spreadsheet.


Personally I would rather not have that option. I like how simple postcrossing is. I feel like it just wouldn’t be the same. Because then there would be competition that wasn’t there before. People would be like “I’m better because I have more followers” or something like that. I feel like it wouldn’t be good for the community.


Yes, if the idea is bookmarking so you don’t forget who you’ve interacted to, can you just bookmark them on your browser? Also if it’s someone you go back to again and again then you’re bound to remember them after a while :slight_smile:

Not if this information is private. Then you don’t know who is following who and how many followers other people have.


Oh yeah. That would make sense

Or alternatively bookmark one of their posts on the forum.


That’s quite a healthy discussion, thanx for putting in your opinions!
Summary -

  1. One can bookmark the profile or one of the post
  2. One can get the Profiles from the Past meetups