Expired Postcards

I, too, waited until they were expired quite a while. More than 200 days if I remember correctly. One has gone off my list, so more than a year now, and neither card sent show received.
I resend because I enjoy receiving cards so much.



Hi all,
I just wanted to follow up from the post I wrote on the 2nd of April where I had 6 expired postcards.

First the good news, India registered my postcard. The Brazil one, I followed the advice of a member here and wrote a message describing the picture on the postcard and the date sent. And… Success, this time they answered back by registering my postcard, as it was very late my travel stats for Brazil is terribly long.

Bad news, Taiwan has now not logged on for 4 months. Netherlands logs in regularly but no movement in sent and received. I think they are still in another country.

Belgium and USA are active members and they were over 100 days … I ended up resending postcards. I wanted to let it go but I couldn’t, so resent them.

The funny thing is I am now in the tag and lottery and have sent many postcards to same countries with no missing and all received in a month. Touch wood.


I sometimes ask active members if they probably forgot to register my card. It really happened twice before, that the card was put away without having been registered. I never include the ID. But I wonder why people don`t reply my messages. Only one person did and was really sad. That was the reason why I sent a second card, that arrived quickly.