"Expired Cards" from Tags

Hi fellow postcrossers,
I was wondering what do you do if the postcard from some tag never arrived to you?
Do you notify the sender? And after how many days, 60 as the official postcrossing cards?
Do you ask them to resend the card or do they offer to resend it?
Thank you for the help,

It hasn’t happened to me, neither as sender nor receiver. But as a sender I would wish to be contacted if my card doesn’t arrive in a reasonable time.

Recently it happened with one lottery card, luckily I had another copy of that card and sent it over again :slight_smile:


If I’m the sender, I ask the recipient if they received it but only if it’s been really long, like longer than 3 months. If I’m the recipient, I just accept the loss and move on. I haven’t received about 15% to 18% of the cards that I should have received in tags.

I have better luck with round robins (RRs), there are only five or six cards I never received.

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I’d like to be notified if my card doesn’t arrive, so I extend the same courtesy. If someone’s card doesn’t arrive, I’ll let them know. But I’d probably give it 3-4 months. And I wouldn’t ask for a resend. Although most people have been very kind and have resent when their cards didn’t arrive.

Naturally, there are those who don’t respond back. In which case, I’ll just count the card as a loss and move on.

As the sender, if someone doesn’t update me on whether or not they received my card, I’ll check in on them about 3 months from the date I sent the card. If they tell me they never received it, I’ll resend (either the same card, or if I no longer have a copy, then another card of their choosing or from their wishlist).


I’m facing the same problem now actually. This Postcrosser tagged me in quite a number of Tags, and messaged me to say that she will only send the rest out once her first tagged postcard arrives, to ‘confirm’ my address.

It has been two months plus and nothing has arrived, and a typical mail from her country doesn’t take that long. I have a feeling she might be one of those who only tags to receive but not to send. I wish to give her the benefit of doubt too, but I’m starting to get suspicious.

I’m equally at a loss on what to do.

If you were active in the old forum you would see that many member wrote in their signature “please u2u me when you receive or don’t receive my card”. How I miss signature.

Before pandemic I u2u-ed the tagger after 3 months, sometimes 4 months if they were from China or Russia. During pandemic I only u2u-ed twice, after 6 months, to Germany and Netherlands members.

I don’t think I will notify again since mail is very slow. I received cards from Belarus in 10 months and from Finland in 8 months. Some countries use surface mail now.


Here is my opinion: about two years ago, I stopped doing un-moderated Tags. Totally done with scammers and cheats. Just not worth it.

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I used to send a message to people when I was new to the forum but then I stopped. These days I just accept that participating in tags means that cards aren’t always going to arrive.
I’m not a frequent participant in tag games for the same reason.


How to know which tag is moderated? :thinking:

On topic: Sometimes people don’t even ask address in the tags, and sometimes postcards don’t arrive, but I think everyone deserves a benefit of a doubt, like sender could have full batch of postcards lost or delayed. It’s a risk of not receiving you have even in official postcrossing or when swapping cards for years with trusted penpals. So I don’t write messages (and refuse offers to resend to me), but do resend if not arrived in 3-4 months (only if recipient writes, myself I consider I have no I influence on the fate of a postcard once it’s in the mailbox), and participate tags, where I really enjoy sending, and not receiving

EDIT: Isn’t there a chance in tags that you will never be tagged back anyway?

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I totally agree with you.
I always give feedback to the sender of any tag cards I get, and I would love if they did the same, but if they don’t, then that’s it.
I must admit that I haven’t got a very good track-keeping system for my tag cards, so if they’ve been travelling too long I tend to forget about them. :woman_shrugging:

The case of @anon12415063 is really strange, though… I would probably contact that person and ask if she has any idea what happened to her cards - it’s quite unlikely that several cards from her to you all got lost on the way! If she doesn’t have a plausible answer I would probably try to avoid her in the future.

In my opion playing tag ist just that - a game. Sometimes you win and receive the most amazing cards, and sometimes you lose, send out a card and get nothing in return…

This is why I only do tags occasionally, when I really, really want to send a card and all other options like officials cards and RRs have been taken care of. :slight_smile:


Dear All,

Please read :wink:

The tags are still moderated .
I also do check the tags .
Do not hesitate to send me a P.M. if you have any questions.
The tags on this new forum have been opened by members, they have set the rules.
Some members have adopted the rules of the old tag, the explanation of the tag.
“Reporting” is always possible.
The term has now changed to “flag a member”.

Regarding the tags, I see the reported tags. ( flagged tags/ comments)
I cannot see other reported posts.
These were visible to me on the old forum. ( reported u2u messages)
The admin team will see these reported posts.

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This applies to all activities on the forum.

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Dear @Xute,

The members who opened the tags either kept the rules on the old forum or removed the rules.
If you would like to see some lines added back, please let me know.

** Jette


Dear @anon95027724,

The tags are moderated by @meiadeleite and me, @JetteLise.
I was the moderator regarding the old forum .
@meiadeleite is also a moderator regarding the tags since the beginning of new forum .

I have not changed my name.
This has been changed because the PC account and forum account are linked.
I would really like to use my name (Jette) again, but apparently this is not possible. (I’ve tried this several times already.)

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Thank you for very useful links! If I see tags without rules (like for new members it might be confusing who requests addresses etc.), I will let you know!
It’s very nice to know, that all tags are kept an eye on


Dear Xute ,

Please inform me, also “cheaters/ spammers etc.”. .

If you don’t see the green dot, I’m still online .
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Therefore, many members have their profile checked as “hidden”.

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almost every time i tag somebody, then i post a picture of the backside of the postcard or envelope i’m going to send, showing them their address and the stamp on it, so they know i am really going to send it.
i do the same thing for the winners of my lotteries


I always let sender know when I receive my card and I appreciate my recipients when they do the same. Based on my short experience, most of them do :slight_smile:
I’d probably resend if my card got lost, but I don’t think I’d ask anyone to resend. It’s all part of the game.
At the moment, I mainly participate in favourites tags which all seem to be moderated, although I’ve noticed several people not following all the rules (most of these tags have the rule where certain amount of people has to tag before you tag again to promote diversity). However, these tags move quite fast and rarely get stuck so it’s not a big problem

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That’s probably against the tag rules, so I’d flag the user. If they wanted the card to arrive before sending more, then they should have tagged you only once.


I’m totally a tag lover that almost 80% of postcards I sent are from tags. I take pictures of every postcard I sent both back and front, so if someone hasn’t received my postcard, I can at least show what I wrote on it. But I don’t really want to resend another postcard, because the expired is not my fault after all…

Aslo, I won’t ask for resend. But if someone takes the initiative to resend, I will happily accept the kind offer.