Expired card that i send last week

Hello postcrossers!

Last week i requested an address, i wanted to look if she already received it but now postcrossing says the card is expired? Does someone know how?

Hello @eelkje_s
That is not possible.
Cards expire after 60 days.

Can you please make a screenshot from your traveling list (without IDs and names).

It says that al these cards are expired

Oops i see now that the last 2 are not expired, sorry!

But it’s weird that they are in the expired list

There is no expired list. They are in the traveling list.

Seems like you really have some bad luck with some of the adresses you’ve drawn. So your ratio of expired cards is too high compared to your overall sent/registered. Of course, we all face expired cards (~3%), but usually not that many that early.

Guess the only solution is to wait for some of the newer ones to get registered. The Czechia and France one could/should arrive next week. Then the system sees you as ‘trustworthy’ again, and you’ll have some free slots for new adresses again.

Of course, you could ask support Contact us, esp. if most of the users the expired cards go to stopped postcrossing at all. Maybe the team can allow you to draw one or two adresses again.

PS: as you’ve already some cards registered, I am sure you’re doing it right, still I have to ask: are you sure that postage and quality of cards are correct. (Quality in the meaning of postal transport)


Yes the quality of the sended postcards is good

My question is now answered but i don’t know how to close this thing :sweat_smile:

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I close it @eelkje_s

I added an option - the topic will close itself in a few hours.

I wouldn’t close it at all, as these topics return regularly …

Of course, if you/the mods want to close, that’s okay too

This is new to me, so your 10 traveling cards are expired? Thus you can’t request new addresses?
That’s a bad luck if it’s true :sweat_smile:


@Stevyy We have several Topics about expired cards, that I think we don’t need another one.
This question is answered and there is no need to let it open.


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