Exchanging Guernsey stamps

So this is a bit of an odd and far-fetched request… let me explain.

I’m planning to buy the new Postcrossing Guernsey stamps, put them on postcards when they arrive and mail them back to the post office in Guernsey for mailing from there. I think it would be neat for friends and family to receive a postcard from there with this stamp! But there are three stamps for the 3 different geographical areas, and it seems that you cannot choose an individual sheet of one of these to buy – they must be bought as sets. I’d like to buy a lot more stamps for Europe than other places, but with the system they have, I have to select always the same amount of the three types of stamps. :disappointed:

If anyone is planning to buy these as well and wants to swap Europe stamps for UK ones (or just buy the UK ones from me), please let me know. I’d be happy to exchange my UK sheets (plus the difference, to compensate for the postage) for European ones!


Thank you for the reminder. I just pre ordered.

Hi Ana, just seen this. I have bought multiple sets of both the cards and the stamps which I’ve written and stamped and sent back to Guernsey for their onward posting and am going to catch their last date ( next week ) to apply the tied Postcrossing postmark after which it would be a normal Guernsey postmark. They first sent me the order booklet but it was difficult to write in such a small place the exact requirement so I called them and sorted it out and then wrote to them with my exact requirements, there was no requirement to have to buy a sheet at a time. I just bought X number for UK, X number for Europe and X number for ROW ( rest of world ) I also checked whether Russia and Belarus were part of Europe from Guernsey rather than ROW as mail to Russia and Belarus from the UK are both part of Europe and they confirmed they are both part of Europe from Guernsey. I have now returned today all the written cards stamped and also included plastic postcard wallets which they have agreed to use in mailing out all the cards to protect them, hopefully as I’ve sent one to myself that at least should arrive with me next week. The plastic wallet is a Postcard protector Middle size suitable for modern Postcards which I source here in the UK and fits the cards perfectly.
Hopefully, you have already sorted this out but If you still have a problem after speaking with them to obtain just the Europe denomination stamp let me know by PM and I’ll order what you want from them and send on to you and we can sort something out between us.
Best Wishes, D

Thank you for letting me know! I wish I had known sooner that it was possible to buy a certain number of stamps… but in the meantime, a kind soul in the UK came to my rescue and agreed to swap their EU Guernsey stamps for my UK ones, so yay! Problem solved. I am going to write all these postcards and send them back to Guernsey for mailing — I really want our friends to have a souvenir of this happy stamp with our name on it! :blush:

Hi Ana, no worries , glad you managed to get what you wanted sorted out. For future reference there’s a very nice lady at Guernsey Post called “Danni”, I called her when I bought mine, she sent me an order booklet but it was impossible to write down in the small space provided what I wanted so, I wrote her a letter itemising exactly what cards and what stamps I wanted and bank details and sent it off , she responded very quickly and sent everything I wanted , I then wrote all the cards and stamped them and sent them back and she has posted them all with the Postcrossing Postmark which was still in date. I also asked her to e-mail me when they posted them which she did so then I knew they were on their way and should be arriving soon. Happy days ! :honeybee:
Best Wishes, Derek

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Hi there, can you please share more about how the process of sending things to Guernsey and getting them to post it from there :slight_smile: @meiadeleite @Ceres1849


It’s relatively straightforward: just put your postcards (already written and addressed, and with Guernsey stamps) on an envelope, and send them there for posting.

I confess I don’t remember which address I used anymore… but probably the address of their main office, care of the Philatelic department. If they have more than one special cancellation mark, it’s useful to include a note requesting the specific one you’d like to have on your postcards.

You might want to drop them an email or tweet to confirm this — they’re usually quite prompt in their replies.

Hope that helps!