EUROPA Stamps competition 2021

I just saw that we have a blog article about this year’s EUROPA stamps and thought that a forum topic would be an excellent addition to be able to talk about the stamps!
If this would also fit into the “New stamps of 2021” topic, please feel free to move it there, moderators. I just thought that we maybe shouldn’t clutter that topic. :smiley:

For me, it’s soo hard to choose, as I just love all animals! Now I don’t know what to focus on at this decision, the design? But how do we judge what’s good and what’s bad design. :scream:
I especially want to highlight the stamps of Ukraine and Poland, though, as I think they made a great attempt to also show the topic of endangerment in the stamps!

What do you think, what’s your favorite and why?


You already posted a picture of my favourite EUROPA stamp this year. It’s the Polish stamp. The lynx is nicely shown and the effect of it vanishing is spot on this year’s theme.

I like many of this year’s stamps though, lots of beautiful designs! (but I’m really totally into animal stamps!). I’m not too fond of the abstract ones, it’s just not my taste (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Spain).

edit: This one is my 2nd favourite, as it is so funny!


In the end I also voted for Poland, for the same reasons as you. :slight_smile:
I also loved Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Guernsey, Ireland (which I even received already!), San Marino. I’m actually usually not a fan of abstract pictures as well, but I think the one of Azerbaijan just is really nice.


the stamp from poland is beautiful, really shows what it’s about. though the artist from the dutch bees also had an idea behind it, but you need to see the whole sheet for that.
the yellow on the left is from where the bees live (i forgot the english word) and then on the right there are less bees and the colours are meant to be the city.

also. i love the tiny animals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 2021_Belarus_3512302ddd


The Polish stamp is great, but I have voted for the French stamp, because I like that it shows multiple animals on one stamp and thus the diversity of endangered animals.

Recently I already got the Austrian stamp and it also looks impressive.


My vote went for Poland. I knew right away when I saw it couple of weeks for the first time that it is going to be the one I vote. There were few other great ones too. Like all the puffins (Norway, Faroe Islands and Jersey) , Ukraine’s design was very good and I loved Portugal’s mini-sheet design… But after all Poland got the message best, I think.

Next year’s theme is stories and myth… It is save to say already now that I will have so hard time to vote then and also so many stamps in my “I want that” list :sweat_smile:


It was the same here. But I think there isn’t one stamp that I don’t like, i think all countries were very good in represent their animals (mostly) and plants in danger. Can’t wait to receive more of these stamps in my mailbox. :blush:


I also voted for Poland. It was so hard to choose between Poland and France, but finally I decided to give my vote for Poland because I voted for France last year. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I like those ones a lot


I thought same! All the stamps were well in the theme and nobody took the creative short-cuts like Finland did last year with Santa Claus (yes, I am still upset about that one :joy:). Nothing against creativeness, but I appreciated that with such a serious theme like this everybody selected great examples to show. Could have been happy to see more variety on designs (quite many were just “yes, here the animal”), but it wasn’t bad Europa stamp year at all.

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My favourite one belongs to Bulgaria!

I quite like the one from Hungary, with the stonechat!


And the winners are here :tada:
Congrats to Poland, Aland and Ukraine. :clap::clap::clap:

More info here

Until next year with stories and myths :wink: