Estonia: in 2022 a stamp about Postcrossing!

So happy to read that Omniva, the Estonian postal services company, approved one new stamp, to be issued in October 2022, about Postcrossing!

Omniva remembers, on its website, that “Pursuant to the rules of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the theme and design of a postage stamp must be closely related with the cultural identity of the issuing country, help spread culture and peace.”


That’s really great - so in October there will be a new Postcrossing stamp first in Estiona and a few days later in Germany :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, we only learned about these plans today. It makes us happy that they wish to honor the project with a postage stamp. However, we are also sad and disappointed that, to date, Omniva has not contacted Postcrossing about these plans.

We are currently trying to contact them to clarify this as soon as possible. For the Postcrossing name to be used on a commercial item, there needs to be a contract in place which needs to be discussed and agreed on beforehand, so we hope that is still possible. We’ll update this topic as soon as we know more.


@paulo I was really confident that Omniva had contacted Postcrossing beforehand.

I’ve double-checked, and the word “Postcrossing” is used also in the Estonian version of the news 2022 postmarkide plaan. From time to time, something gets lost in translation from Estonian, but it seems this isn’t the case.

We have been in contact with Omniva about this stamp and while plans are still in progress, things are well headed so I wanted to share the good news with everyone.

The design will only be available for review in August, but I don’t anticipate any issues now that we are collaborating on it. Looking forward to having another country joining the list with a Postcrossing themed stamp! :slight_smile: