Envelope returned from Brazil

I just got 2 envelopes returned from Brazil with this sticker:

Does anyone have any idea what it means?
I put enough stamps and I checked that there’s no restrictions due to covid.
The only thing I can think of maybe it has something to do with it’s thickness (one is from Tea tag, another one from Happy mail tag so they’re thicker than normal envelope), maybe it’s considered parcel or something like that?
I asked at my post office and they have no idea what the sticker means.


I think it’s a code that’s required by customs duty. A few months ago, German customs duty contacted me because a postal item sent from Mexico to me didn’t have that code, and they couldn’t clean it and told me they’d have to send it back. I was able to figure out the code by research and had to send them the bill for the purchased item…

S10 (UPU standard) - Wikipedia

Perhaps customs duty thought that your letter contains things that should have been declared by that code?


All envelopes which are going from EU to outside European Union countries must have the Customs Declaration. It is a new rule in EU region. You may ask more information from your local post office. Some countries are very very accurate with this new law. I had problems with my envelope (4 postcards in it) even to the United Kingdom which is not any more a part of EU.
The needed label from Finland to outside EU is here:

and the long code UA006----FI must have been registered in the internet before the letter /packet starts its journey.


Missing S10 is missing the international tracking code (13 characters). Brazilian customs seems to be sending back packages and envelopes without it.
The main sentence in Portuguese is also written in English, don´t worry, and in the bottom is just the date (MAIO= May). Last sentence: “(Date of returning) ORIGIN: CEINT/CTA” CEINT/CTA is the Centro Internacional de Curitiba, the place all the international packages arrive and from there they separate to the rest of the country.

I hope I could help you a bit. I am from Bazil :slight_smile: