End of Lockdown Celebration! Meet Up 14 November 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Melbourne
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Collings Place (see details below)
:calendar: DATE: 14 November
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11 am - 1 pm

UPDATE 11/11/2021

Due to the terrible weather forecast, note the change in location!

Let’s celebrate Melbourne’s freedom with a quick meet up! Trying to keep this as simple as possible.


Collins Place, 45 Collins St Melbourne.

Very close to Parliament Station, and the 11, 12, 35, 48 and 109 trams all stop close by.

Meet in the downstairs food hall - look out for some red and blue balloons.

And bring your stamps and coloured pens!


There will be one card, cost $0.40 each. No need to order, just buy them on the day.


Watch this space if the projections for vaccinations are not met.

Based on the current information, we are restricted to 30 people (shouldn’t be a problem!).

Masks will be required.

There will be a contact sheet to be completed.


Please RSVP in the comments below or by message to me.



Please do not message me with requests to swap!

Post in the thread and include your offer in return, and if a member is interested, they can contact you.

I posted this on my cake day, just for some additional good postcrossing vibes!



Happy cake day!

See u on the 14th :orange_heart:


Happy cake day!

I am in :smiley:

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Is an exchange possible?

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I’d love a copy of the meet up card if anyone would like to trade me one. It looks so amazing!!

I don’t have any meet up cards to swap for it, but I could send you one of these postcards from the National Arboretum in return.

Thank you!

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I really like this card, can I swap it with someone? :relaxed:
My offers https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/kat_ja_swap/

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Hi. Could you send me a map from the meeting? I have a lot of cards to exchange, write what you like

hi Helen,Im little confused about our meetup date. Is it on 13th or 14th November ?

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Hi Qiana. It’s the 14th. I put 13 by accident, and changed it immediately, but unfortunately in email notifications it still shows the first version.

Oh dear, I hope most people will click through to the forum…

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okay,see you on 14th November😄

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I’d love to swap a Melbourne Meet Up card for a recent Brisbane one :slight_smile:

I love to swap the card with somebody

I would love to meet up, got back into Postcrossing again after a long while. is there a limitation to the number of cards someone can buy?

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Hi @PekoPekoKuma . It will depend how many people come. I didn’t order a huge number of cards, since this was all done quite quickly. So we’ll have to work it out on the day. Looking forward to meeting you!

I plan to attend the meetup, & I messaged the 1st 3 postcrossers requesting a swap:
@EKATERINA_KOTYA, @Tinkatutu, & @katjushkaa


Thanks @jaeltentpeg11 ! I’ll message @nephthys51

Hi @helent, looking forward to attending this one :smiley:

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