Email notification when a slot opens

What do you think about receiving an automatic email notification when for you a slot opens?

  • expired card (cards can still be registered between 60 and 365 days, but Now you can request a new address to sent a card)
  • when your number of allowed sent cards go up
  • if extra slots are ever given for temporarily occasions like like like… celebrations.

In optional subscription - check a box for this kind of notifications.


I think that is unnecessary.
You can always see on your postcrossing page whether a slot is free.


Daaamn, Bille–78 slots! :star_struck:


@Bille Only is you visit the webpage and it is essential to log in. Not all of us are daily participants.

The monthly statistics email is also information you can check easy yourself, if logged in to your userpage… But I checked the box to receive it. As I like it.

I think for new members such a next card mail would be handy to get them log in again. Maybe register some cards and continue.

To me it doesn’t matter anyway, because I don’t use all slots.
That’s why I tend to not have the email notification.
I would not object it either if many (enough?) postcrosser want it.
My concern would be if it is a good notification - as it could get people into sending more than they can afford.

I’m also not sure is this option useful enough. To be honest, I was tired just with monthly stat notifications so I disable all emails I can. I think some people as me are tired with unnecessary emails. It take me 3 clicks to login on website - it’s more comfy for me than receiving emails with sound phone notifications because my profile is registered on my main Email account.
Main reason for empty slot is hurray - and we all got emails. Number of allowed cards is increasing also after hurray so…