Email address confirmation requests

I’ve received two requests today for email verification, about 6 hours apart. I’ve acknowledged both. My email address hasn’t changed.
At the same time today I see in my sent cards list that a card of mine was received in the US today but i have no message of registration.
So, questions
What is the purpose of a verification request?
What’s the purpose of two in short succession?
And can a card be registered without triggering a message for the sender?

I think your e-mail-provider has handled some msils from postcrossing as spam and maybe even in a manner that they do not make it into your spam folder. Here in Germany gmx and are notorious for such behaviour, maybe there are some in Ireland likewise.
Every registration of a card will result in an e-mail, there ist no exception.
Perhaps it is best to contact the support via the contact button on the main site and ask them what ist up with postcrossing e-mails to you.

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To understand your question properly: Who sent the request? Postcrossing?

Concerning the missing hurray messages, @RalfH is right that this probably is a problem of your email provider, because they classify emails from Postcrossing as spam…

The emails came from postcrossing @ postcrossing . com without the spaces. And on the home page a bar appeared on top just after the banner with the same request.
Once I had acknowledged the button in the email, the bar disappeared. I’m not sure anymore if the text changed shortly before the disappearance.

With regard to my email provider: I’ve been with the same hotmail email address for the 2 years I’m doing postcrossing and never had this problem before. And although I’ve changed the internet provider recently their service has been operating for me fine for 2 weeks now.

If you got two email verifications out of the blue, then it’s possible that Postcrossing received notifications by your email provider saying you indicated one of our messages as spam. Some email providers do this and we have to stop sending emails to that address until we verify it again, or else they may start refusing all our emails as their system may classify all emails from Postcrossing as spam.

Check if there’s anything in the junk/spam folder from Postcrossing and if there is, make sure to mark them as Not spam. It may help to add Postcrossing’s email address(es) to the address book to minimize the odds of this happening. If your email provider has a list of Blocked senders and/or Safe senders, look into that too.


Thank you all for your answers.
The issue hasn’t reoccurred and the notifications are coming back reliably again.

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