Elementary School Collecting Postcards from Around the World!

Update: March 23, 2022
Here is our classroom map with our pins that show where we have received postcards from.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated. We would always welcome more postcards. The students look through them during their free time. They love the information and the stamps. There are so many amazing stamps out there.

Thanks again! We really appreciate it!
Jaime Comtois and the students of Coventry Village School

Update: September 8, 2021

We are finally back in school and loving these postcard we got over the summer. We now have received postcards from 54 different countries and all 50 United States! We have a lovely map in our classroom with map tacks documenting where all of our postcards are from.

We would love to receive more if you are so inclined! This project has been so amazing for my students - so please keep them coming!
Our hope is that you are safe and happy!

Jaime and the students of Coventry Village School

Update: June 8, 2021
We are receiving 50 plus postcards a week. It is amazing! Thank you all so much! We will be ending school here mid June, but we are continuing this endeavor next year as well. The students are having a blast and we are learning so much states and countries all over the world.
We have postcards from 49 US states (still missing North Dakota) and 36 countries and US territories.
I truly appreciate all of your efforts! Wishing you all peace and happiness!
Jaime and the students from Coventry Village School

Hello! My name is Jaime Comtois and I teach grades 3-5 Science and Social Studies. We are trying to collect postcards from all over the world. We would love to have you send us a postcard from your state or country! We would be happy to send you a postcard back if you would like. Send us a postcard with lots of interesting facts about where you live.

I have a large map in my classroom where we are mapping exactly where all of the postcards come from! I have also purchased large binders and I have put the postcards we have already received in the binders by continent. We are so close to receiving postcards from all 50 states, but would be thrilled to receive more!

Here is my address:
Jaime Comtois
Coventry Village School
PO Box 92
Coventry, Vermont

We will be doing this until the end of the school year and next school year too so please feel free to send them all summer long!

Thank you so much!
![Image copy|230x500](upload://sNC



I will send one of the Canadian Rocky Moutains (Lake Louise, Alberta)


I will send one from FLorida

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Hello! I can send you a postcard from my hometown Paphos, Cyprus.


I will send a postcard from Japan!

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count on me
postcard from Germany (Bavaria) is on the way


I send this one:


Sending these two postcards; Svalbard and Norway


I will send you a postcard from the Netherlands :netherlands:!


This is wonderful! I’ll send cards from the west coast!

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Hi Jaime
I’m going to send this postcard from Sydney, Australia. It’s 3D. I put lots of interesting facts about my city too.
Cheers Linda.


Today I will send postcard from Ukraine :ukraine:


A postcard is on its way from the Netherlands.
Good luck with your project!

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This is an awesome project! A card from Austin Texas is headed your way

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I will send one from Newfoundland!

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@JLBC2020 What states do you still need? I’m traveling to ID, WY, and UT soon, and I live in NM.

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Will send this one from Singapore


Not sure of the design but I’ll see what I can do about one from Bedford, England where I live.

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I just sent a card from Umeå, Sweden

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Great idea. I will send on from Cambridge, UK.
Success and update us on the progress!

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