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Hello everyone!
I just received a fantastic postcard from a fellow Postcrosser. I went to register it and I saw they uploaded the photo of the postcard already. I think the way the lighting and the positioning of the card is okay, but could be better and does not show off the postcard in the best light- and it’s probably my favorite that I’ve received so far. If I delete the image that the sender uploaded, can I then retake the photo and upload my own photo of the card, to better show off the image- or if I remove the image is the image removed permanently with no chance to replace? Is there a time limit on how long after receiving I can do this? Thanks for your help! Josh

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Hi Josh! That’s a very good question and the answer is: you can delete the picture uploaded by the sender and upload yours! I don’t think there is a time limit.

Btw I think once the card arrives, only receiver can upload its picture if they decide to delete it. But I’m not sure on this one (and I’m afraid to check :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Yes, I’ve uploaded a better image a few times given that I have a scanner.

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Yes, that’s the case - once the postcard has been received & registered, only the receiver can change or delete the image


Ok thanks- did it successfully- just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an upload once and then it’s done forever.

Thanks for the replies!

I’m pretty sure you can take a new one

Thanks for asking this…I wondered this myself the other day but the word ‘delete’ threw me off and I meant to look up an answer here but forgot!

I think I also saw someone suggest that the language be changed to ‘replace’ rather than delete.

I have frequently reloaded the image as I have a scanner also. I just have to remember not to leave it too long. I was going to add a better image but had to leave it a couple of days. In that time it was favourited by others and if I had deleted the picture to replace it then I also would have deleted the favourites. I’ve just had to let go of my OCD tendencies and leave it as it is.

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