Edit/delete topic

I’m relatively new here. I have a question. When I add a new topic to a forum, why can’t I edit it anymore? Not even deleted? Thanks.

Have a nice day.

Hi Kika, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I have made your message public as this may be useful to others too.

When you are just starting in the forum, there’s some stricter limitations to the account to protect from spam/abuse, but as you keep using the forum (reading, posting, liking posts), you slowly get more permissions (by getting a new “trust level”) that allows you to do more things.

As for deleting a topic you created, as that affects not only you but also a public discussion that others may be taking part too, you can’t do it yourself (unless there’s no replies yet). However, that can still be done: just flag your own (firsts) post of that topic, select “Something else” for the reason and explain why you want it to be removed — someone from the forum team will then handle that for you.

Hope this helps! Be sure to also check the Forum User Guide and if you have other questions, just post them on the #postcrossing:help and other members will help you getting started. :slight_smile: