Edit a Topic on 2 Pages at the same Time?

Is there a way to edit a topic on 2 pages at the same time without clicking

away all the time?


I’ve noticed that too.

It’s difficult when you update your RR and want to move a group from the Travelling post to the Closed post.

This is wat I get.

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That’s what I get first, but if i just continue in the second window, I get the other message every time when I write something. I click it away each time and continue . But it is just annoying.

It would be tricky to keep a draft in sync if you’re editing it in 2 places at the same time… How does the program know which version is correct at any given time? :sweat_smile:

we are used to it from the old Forum - there it worked perfectly.
And here it works too - you just have permanent to click away this stupid message :wink:

Ok — maybe the problem here is that I don’t understand very well what you are trying to do. Can you help how the editing a topic in 2 pages helps your process?

Okay, let me try to explain.
In my RR I have in the 3rd post the statistics of the cards that are on the way.
In the 4th post I have the stats of the participants, from whom all sent cards have arrived and who have received all cards - that means they are ready for the relevant month .

When someone is finished, I copy the statistics of that person from the 3rd post and paste them into the 4th post.
Often this happens to several participants at the same time and you have to copy for each one, save the post, then open the other post, paste the statistics there and save the data again .
Then I go back to the 3rd post and “blablabla” do the same again and again and again with the stats from other persons
With 2 open windows it’s easier: You can copy from the 3rd post and paste it in the 4th post , do that again with the stats from others - and have to save both posts only at the end of the actualisation.

But, as I said, it works with 2 open windows at the same time - you just have to click away the message all the time.
It would be nice if you only had to click the message away once and then the system would know that everything is okay.

I’m afraid that’s quite built into Discourse and there’s no simple way to disable as far as I know.

That said, this mostly comes from the fact that the information is over multiple posts: is this still needed though? Couldn’t everything be on the same post, perhaps separate by different headings? That would help with not having to handle the warning.

Thanks @paulo
It’s a pity that it’s not so easy to change - but well, then every person have to make some sort of arrangement.

Writing everything in one post is feasible, but it is not convenient either.
Because then you have to scroll up and down and up and down all the time the extremely long text.
Moreover, the hidden posts in the preview window close with every mouse click and they have to be opened again and again. Alternatively, you can of course put an error in the hide command and remove it after the update is finished.

I’m a creature of habit :wink: and I for myself have now decided to continue using 2 windows and to click away the “Draft is being edited in blablabla”-message again and again - this is the most comfortable way for me.

Thank you Paulo for your concern to address our problems and to change what can be changed :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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This annoys me too and I wonder if there’s any downside to have the summaries all open by default on the preview, while editing. Will suggest it to the Discourse team.