Dymo labels for postcard ID?


First time posting, so apologies if a) this question has already been dealt with, or b) I’m posting in the wrong place, or c) both of these are true.

I’m a newbie - sent two, received one, five travelling. I don’t have a label printing machine but I do have a dymo labeller (this kind of thing https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000O78DZI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_bXibGbNJMS4HG?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1).

I thought it might be a good way of ensuring the postcard ID is readable, regardless of my handwriting, cancellations, weather or anything else.

Is this a thing that people do? Is there a problem with using embossed labels on postcards? It’d be great to know what people think.


I know a lot of people who print out the entire address including the Postcrossing ID on a label and affix it to the postcard. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.
I’ve also received several postcards with embossed stickers attached.
I do however caution you to write the ID somewhere else too just in case the label decides to fall out. Dymo labels are pretty resilient but postcards sometimes can take a beating during transit.
I would write the ID then put the label over it.

All in all it seems to be a great idea.


Thanks, that’s a good idea!

The idea is very good because the numbers are then written correctly.
And just paste over again. Then the Dymo strip also does not go off.

I tape over each ID number, tesa tape (clear tape) that is perfect. And also write the ID only once on the card.

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Knew I’d get it wrong. Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem at all. Welcome to the Forum. :wave:
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I use a rubber adjustable-number stamp for the ID. A label would be even clearer.


Blockquote[quote=“michiel071, post:8, topic:50245”]

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Oh, this is way classier than a dymo label. I love it!

Working with sorting machines, I see some little danger the sticker might fall/be ripped off during the fast process. Also, the 3-D-relief could be a source for things going wrong, like label sticking to another letter or card being stuck between the belts.

That said, there won’t be problems for probably 99,xy% of cards with such a label. It’s up to you if you want to risk it for the missing 00,yx%.

Personal experience: >2000 cards sent resp. registered so far, not heard of problems with the handwritten ID (except maybe single-digit comments about having to guess or me having switched two digits). Of course, maybe all the recipients were just too polite to tell me that they had to ask support for ID-identification

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German 1 sometimes look like 7, the USA 6 is not always clear either, but in general handwritten IDs are not a problem, and you always ask for support.

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This is what I was worried about. Don’t want to snarl up someone’s machine, either!

Yeah, if I’m honest with myself I think I’m more looking for a reason to use the labeller than anything else - I’ve labelled everything in the house and my wife is running out of patience…


I used to use a hand label maker for my postcard IDs but I was never that confident they’d make it and alway made sure I also hand wrote the number on as well just in case. Shame because I loved the look of the label.

You can cut numbers from newspapers like a spy game :slight_smile: