Dutch school children looking to swap (selfmade) cards!


I teach school children aged 8-12 and for arts and crafts I would like to combine something with our current geography subject, which is ‘children around the world’.

My idea was to let the children all make a postcard with something typically Dutch on it and have them write a message in English on them.

I’m looking for a school class of similarly aged children who’d like to swap cards with them. I’ll send them in one big envelop towards you, but if we have around the same amount of children we can make buddies and each child will receive a personal card.

  • My group has 15 children, so looking for at least the same amount
  • My children will make cards for yours and your children will make cards for mine
  • Communication will be in English
  • Postcards will be selfmade with either a drawing or something made with paper
  • They will work on this for 2 weeks and the cards will be send in the weekend of Oct. 14

Please let me know if you’re interested, I really hope I will find a school class here to do this with! :slight_smile:



Maybe with us?:slightly_smiling_face:
I have 4 a class. 19 students aged 9-10.