Dutch exhibiton about Mail Art

I just found an exhibition about Mail Art in Maastricht.

Everything That Came In Got An Answer | Visit Maastricht

The guy collected MailArt and made Mail Art since 1973. 15.000 Artworks. :exploding_head:

Its an interactive exhibition. He shows what he makes and how he respond once a week at the Museum. I will clearly visit it.

Was anyone there? Maybe you can write more about it.


I went today to exhibition. I asked if I can take photos. So here are a few photos.

This is my favourite “Motto” now!


Its a really small exhibition. However: If you are near Maastricht and have already planned to visit the Bonnefanten Museum: Check it out.

I only see this now. And of course, it has ended already. :frowning: But… I did spot something else that I want to see!