Duplicate ID

I have on 11.11. I received a postcard from someone in the USA this year, I registered it. Today I received a postcard from the same sender and I wanted to register it, but it has the same ID as on 11/11. Of course I recognized it from the name and the writing that it was the same sender. What does that mean now? I can’t register today’s one. What should I do?


Send the person a message about it. Seems as if they have sent two cards. Maybe the first card travelled way longer than expected so the person sent a 2nd card.

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Yes, I wrote to the person. I hope she answers. According to the date, both postcards were sent on the same day (02.11.20)

Maybe she prepared one and forgot about it and therefore prepared another. Please let us know when you received a response as I’m really curious now :smiley:

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Of course - I will inform you :nerd_face:

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That happened to me twice: The first sender explained that it hadn’t been easy to choose the “right” card, so she simply sent two. The second sender told me that after she had sent the initial card she had realized that I might have liked something else better, so she also sent two.

Thank you again for your effort.


I’m still fairly new to it and that’s why I was so amazed. But interesting what you write - I’m really curious if I get an answer. In the end, however, the fact remains that I definitely cannot register this card. :expressionless:

The 2nd card is just a bonus card, she only drew your address once and owed you one card.


This happened to me in the ‘early days’ and I was just as baffled as Astrid.
@Astrid2020 you can only register a card once.
Therefore, not a “bug”, which is where this thread is. HTH.

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I have just moved this thread to the Help-section.


Happened to me multiple times, one user was so enthusiastic about me liking insects that he sent me 4 cards. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was so amazed that I sent him a thank you card. Some people are just very kind, it happens from time to time.


Thank you, I didn’t know where to post.

But if you want, you can upload both cards in one picture. Then you can show both cards :slight_smile:

It has also happen to me once, but they arrived on the same day.


That is a very good idea. Thank you.

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I’m very also very curious to know the reason behind it! :slight_smile: It happened to me too this year! I got two cards on the same day, even though the date indicates that he sent another one 10 days later. Such an interesting coincidence :blush: However when I sent him a message, he said that he doesn’t remembered sending two cards and even asked me to show them. :sweat_smile:
It’s definitely interesting to hear other stories like these!:))

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I have got two cards with the same ID too. Obviously the first one was taking the scenic route, so the sender sent another card and I registered it. Some weeks later the “first” card arrived. When I couldn’t register the card, I recalled I had already got a card from this person. One can’t register the same code twice, but I could still send them a thank you message and that is what I did. I really liked both of the cards and I wanted the sender to know neither of them was lost in the mail. Sometimes I have received more than one card in an envelope and then I have uploaded a picture of all of them together. I didn’t want to pick just one but to show that I appreciate all of them.


I do the same.

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@Cassiopheia -yes, I’ve done this myself. My routine is to write the card and upload the pic before I send it, so I can keep track of which cards have been sent and which addresses I still need to send. Sometimes, if I forget to upload the picture, I will end up sending a second card because I didn’t remember sending the first one. In New Orleans, we call that “lagniappe” - a little something extra. :wink:


I do exactly the same :sweat_smile: