Drop-down menu suggestion

So I just thought of this while registering 5 postcards from Germany.

Why not change the drop-down menu from alphabetic order to most active countries order ?

So, the usual DE/US/RU/… come first.

I know that it was recently changed, making it possible to type the ID instead of scrolling.
But to get DE I must type the 2 letters, a bit annoying for the most active country.

Any thoughts ?

PS : Of course, “annoying” just means a few more seconds to register but when you get suddenly a lot of cards like today… :upside_down_face:


I don’t agree because the most active countries are not the same countries to everyone.

An other suggestion: the country menu has changed so that the letters are small instead of BIG letters. Why? In my eyes it is more difficult to see de or be than DE or BE, for example.


The countries with the most sent cards/ID drawn overall could still be a good choice. Making individual lists would be much too complicated.

It would be :

Of course it is only a suggestion.

Alphabetical, please.
It’s nice to be reminded of the many countries in the world. Even if only for two seconds.


Don’t agree. Let’s leave well-enough alone.

I have never scrolled the list, I have got the right country by typing quick for example “de”.But I noticed the small letters, and I’m not sure if it’s harder to see, but I’m still not used to it :slight_smile:

I don’t like the small letters either, they look just wrong - IDs are written i capital letters, after alll.

I also don’t think the order of countries should be changed. Alphabetical is intuitive and it never changes - the most active countries might (and have done so in the past).


i don’t see small letters?

ontopic: i type in the letters i need so am takes just as much time as za

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I also don’t have small letters, neither on computer nor on smartphone.

As @mchay I just type in the needed letters - it’s fast and I don’t have to scroll all down.

I think it depends on the interface of your device. For example, I don’t have a list as you have. After the updation of the registration page it looks like this for me:

I no longer have a drop-down menu when I register a card on my computer. It looks like this:

(Actually, if I click twice into the angry red box, I do get a menu - but it only goes to BE. :rofl: The other options only show up once I type in the first letter - typing “G” also gets me e.g. ´"EG".)

So techniacally I could choose from the menu, but I never used to do that. I type in both letters for the ID code, and they are shown as lower-case letters. They used to show up as capitals.

I have made changes so that the country code input always shows the text capitalized as to minimize any chance of confusion since we are all used to seeing country codes in caps. Thanks for the suggestion! :+1:

However, we don’t think it makes sense to change the order of the entries to be from the most active: it would make it harder to find others in a non-alphabetic sorted list.

And actually, we are not able to specify the order of the autosuggest entries: it is actually your browser that decides what and how to show. For example, when you type “A”, some browsers, like Chrome on desktop, will suggest only the possible entries starting by “A” (AD, AE, AF, AG, …). While other browsers, like Firefox, will do that too but also append entries that contain “A” (…, AX, AZ, BA, CA, GA). This is not controlled by us, but up to each browser implementation. The same browser may even behave differently in different devices according to available input methods, etc.


Thanks Paulo for your input !

Let’s leave it as it is. :smiley: