Dreams about Postcrossing

Had my first Postcrossing dream last night, that my current travelling postcard finally arrived so I had 6 slots available for WPD.

What dreams have you had about Postcrossing?


Mine was so trippy. I dreamt I was in my favourite place in the city - the local library but it had transformed into a small section of arcade-style games run by the librarians and they dispersed free small stationary items (stickers, washi tape, etc.) based on themes. People were there talking about swapping postcards and someone was looking for old Canadian stamps of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and I was wondering around the space meeting people and talking about the Queen’s Jubilee stamps that I bought earlier this year. I was also wanting to get a space themed item from the games machine but I didn’t know the combination of buttons to press to release the secret stationery.


Fun topic!

Awhile ago I dreamed that all books came with a tear-out postcard inside the back cover, themed according to the book - might be an image of the front cover, a quote, et cetera - and I noticed it in one, then excitedly started checking others, and was like “Even the old ones have them! How did I never know about this before???” Then I decided most of them were too thin for official Postcrossing, but I was still excited about sending them to my friends or having a forum lottery.

Ever since I’ve kind of been wondering, why don’t all books come with postcards? That would be so cool! :grin:


Last night I dreamt I was in a fair somewhere in Spain and I was checking some old cards. There were also a few girls and I asked them if they ever heard about Postcrossing. They said they’re members too. I continued to flip through postcard albuns but I was getting frustrated because I didn’t see anything interesting. Then a few cards looked promising. I gave them a better look and realized they were from a unesco site in Algeria or Nigeria, still missing in my collection :smiley:


If I’ve ever had a dream about Postcrossing, I don’t remember it sadly, lol

A few weeks ago I dreamt I was telling someone why I loved Post crossing. I also dreamt that I sent a postcard with a hole in the middle of it, which I had to fix with scotch tape. Kind of odd since I would never send a postcard with a hole in it in real life.


I hope I can make more friends and travel around the world with postcards. Meet a long-term pen Pal!

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Last night I dreamt my card travelling to the USA had arrived after 55 days…woke up and checked, and still travelling after 56 :sob:


Last night I dreamt that I was trying to mail a blanket to a friend by taping it to a postcard :rofl:. The blanket wouldn’t stay folded, and the tape wasn’t sticking very well to fuzzy fleece. Then I started to worry about sorting machines. Then I realized I “probably” didn’t even have enough postage to piggyback a full sized blanket on a postcard.


I had a dream about my expired card getting registered :sob: It still hasn’t been registered…


My first postcrossing dream last night was a nightmare: I visited a small hill of my area :mountain: In the tourist information there I turn this postcard display thing round and round but they only offer several postcards that have nothing to do with the hill but showing a green meadow and the beach zone of the North Sea! Man what a relief when I woke up that this was only a dream :rofl:


I haven’t dreamt about Postcrossing specifically, but I have dreamt about postcards a few times now.

Last night I dreamt that I was tasked with being a liaison/‘girl Friday’ type between my employer and a local building firm. I was happy with this because it was something different. I had to work with this specific man. Because he decided he liked me, he handed me about six white postcards, each one in a brown, Kraft envelope. Four were sealed, two were open.

The envelopes and the face of all the postcards were designed to be coloured in, like adult colouring books, but they weren’t coloured in yet. The designs were detailed and unclear to me in the dream.

The man explained what all of the postcards were - each one had a task associated with it - two were one each to find two waitresses for a one-night event. I thought two of my friends would be up for doing that. In the dream, I thought of two current friends I have in life. These were two of the closed envelopes.

I couldn’t understand why two envelopes were already opened, they sort of should not have been, but I didn’t question it. I can’t remember what the other envelopes were now, but they were all tasks that needed doing and that I was perfectly capable of organising.

I also couldn’t understand why the man had only given me the postcards because he decided he liked me - he should have given them to me anyway, because this was part of my job now. But I didn’t question this either.

Then the man started getting a bit too flirtatious, which I wasn’t comfortable with, so I batted him off with the pile of postcards I had in my hand and walked away! :joy: (Postcards as a defensive weapon?! :thinking::face_with_monocle::joy:)

There was more to the dream, but these are the parts directly related to postcards! :grin:

(I’ve been reading about the nature of consciousness and the meaning of life! :woman_shrugging:t3::nerd_face:)

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