Drawing postcard IDs process

Hi folks, can someone clarify the following for me please.

If I leave all my slots vacant & don’t draw any addresses at all, presumably my address won’t be given out as long as that is the case? Correct or no? Thanks!

This is how it should be. However, if for some reason there is a shortage of addresses, it is possible that your address will be distributed.

To avoid this, you should make yourself inactive - then your address will definitely not be given out.


Hi Lynn, that’s correct when you have more received than sent cards (as is the case for you now).

Of course some random card assumed to be lost might still be traveling to you and pop up

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I’m trying to avoid being “owed” any cards once I become active again.

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I’m not sure I understand you correctly.

Are you simply inactive yourself and no longer drawing addresses/writing cards, or have you set your account to “inactive” in the settings?

In the first case, your address could possibly be given out in very rare cases - in the second case, definitely not.

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The first scenario - life is very busy right now. I will likely set it to inactive status at some point, but I’ve been waiting for my remaining cards to arrive or expire first.

I am not sure why you are waiting for your cards to arrive first. You can set your account to inactive at any given time to prevent your address from going out. If you don’t already have a surplus of received cards, it would be possible that a card traveling to you expires and your address might be given out when that happens.


Setting your account to inactive has no impact on cards already sent by you (and you can keep on drawing and sending for a while, if you want, even if you are inactive), nor on cards that are on their way to you. It just insures that nobody else draws your address as long as you choose :slight_smile: I’ve found it very useful for when I am away for more than say a week, or for when life gets too real.


Got my answer, thanks folks & so I’m closing the topic now!

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