"Draft is being edited in another window"

I was writing a post in the Christmas Card Offer Tag when I suddenly was getting popups telling me that my draft was edited in another window. Yes, I did have a window open, showing the new topics, but I was NOT at all editing my post in that window. My post was only open in one window. Then I did click “Reply” to post my reply. (But the I was told that my message was to simalar to the previous message I had posted. So then the message was still available as a draft, while it mysteriously had been posted. :puzzled:)

Then I closed one open forum window, so I only had one forum window open. And then I wrote a message to the person I had tagged. And I was told that my draft was edited in another window. How could it possibly be edited in another window when I didn’t have the forum open in another window?

This has happened to me too a couple of times, but I never managed to reproduce on demand, so it’s hard to report and get a fix. Luckily, it seems quite rare.

If someone manages to consistently reproduce this, we can try to report to Discourse.

Until then, if someone happens to bump into this as well, please report it here, even if you can’t reproduce it: it helps us understand how common it is.

Happened again now. Two forum windows open, but not the same page. And no editing in two windows.

It did help refreshing the page.

Edit 2 minutes later. No, it didn’t help. Suddenly I got the bookmark pop-up and the draf-in-other-window at the same time!

Haven’t seen in again since my last post.

Is having two windows open at the same time (although not editing) a pattern here? Not much to go by, but it would be a start.

As I mentioned in the first post, I did close the second window, and still got the message afterwards with only one window open.

I meant at the moment it triggered. I understand closing the window doesn’t solve it: understanding what triggered it in the first place might help us report it if (ideally) we are able to reproduce it on demand.

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It happened to me one time before, and I forgot what I did… maybe I just ignored it at that time.