Dont feel like it atm

I was going to send a handful of cards in April but not in the mood and want to take a break for a few weeks. All the addresses I have previously requested have been sent so have no outstanding.

Do I just leave my account dormant or do I contact a support rep or what?

If you don’t want any more postcards to arrive at your place, you have to go to your account settings of your official Postcrossing account and chose the “inactive” status. Your address won’t be given out any more until you change the status back to “active”.
But you cannot stop any cards that are already on their way to you - please register them, even though you feel like having a Postcrossing break.

Otherwise you don’t have to do anything - no-one has to send a certain number of cards each month. It’s no problem not to send any official cards for as long as you want. Just draw the next address once you’re ready for it.


that’s good. I already selected the inactive option on my profile. I just felt like I was obliged to keep sending cards, idk

You’re not obligated to keep sending, I would say make sure to register any card that comes to you out of courtesy but don’t request addresses until you feel like it again. I hope you get motivation back soon!


Like others say, it is not an obligation so do it at your pace and when you enjoy :slight_smile: As long as you register all that comes to you :slight_smile: (there might still be some on the way, who knows).

I haven’t sent anything, Postcrossing or otherwise, for about two weeks - that is not very long but it might continue, or it might not as I might be feeling like sending something this weekend if I have time. Some people send practically every day - everyone can do it as they want it.

No need to alert anyone, just stop sending and be inactive. You can come back any time, too! Just log in again and start sending again.

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