Donating used stamps for Charity!

I’m looking for charities which accept used stamps. If you know of any, please reply.

Thank you!

I don’t know of any. Are you stamps on/off paper?

You can donate them here,

Best wishes!

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It’s possible to send the postcards to Tubfrim in Norway as well. One can also send the stamps to certain Sons of Norway lodges in USA, and some of the Norwegian seamen’s churches around the world. They’ll forward the stamps to Tubfrim.

I know only one place in Germany

This is a kind of workshop for disabled people, the redeemed stamps are then sold again .

I usually send mine here to Stamps for the wounded. Its a great way to help out our veterans.


Thank you so much! This is a great community.

@anon95027724 The stamps are on paper.

Thanks again, everyone!

Hello! I’m wondering if anyone can recommend me places that i can send used stamps for charity? I live in Brunei but I don’t think there are any that I can send to here. So, I would prefer if you can recommend me some places within Asia or Australia so I don’t have to pay too much on shipping.

Thank you for any suggestions you give!


Here is a topic that mentions charity for stamps.


thank you!

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I know you were looking for something in Asia or Australia to cut down costs, but there is Oxfam Canada that accepts used stamps (I send mine to them all the time - any stamps that are not on postcards).

However, I did find a Lions Club in Australia that takes postage stamps (did a google search, there seems to be quite a few in Australia).

Hope that this helps. :smiley:


thank you!

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When I have postage stamps that I do not want, I save them and once every few months, I mailed them to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Stamp Program.

Stamp program

By saving canceled stamps from your mail, you will support us through your contribution to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Ministry With the Poor Fund. Our sisters remove the stamps from the envelope, sort them and sell them to brokers and collectors. The proceeds benefit our ministries, helping those in need around the world. Invite others to save stamps, too!

Save stamps that have their perforations intact, are not too heavily canceled, and are not torn, cut or stained. Leave at least 1/4 inch on each side of the stamp when cutting it from the envelope.

Stamp wish list
  • Stamps in mint (uncanceled) or fine/very fine condition
  • Foreign stamps
  • U.S. Commemoratives
  • Stamps with postage values of $1 or more, such as Washington and Jackson, Redwood Forest Priority Mail, Bixby Creek Bridge Express Mail, etc.
  • Albums
Where to send:

Stamp Ministry
100 Augusta Hall – Saint Mary’s
Notre Dame, IN 46556
United States of America

Stamp collectors:
Call to purchase mixed packets of foreign and U.S. stamps.


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I also want to mention that in the United States of America, the Stamps for the Wounded and the Postal History Foundation also collects used postage stamps.


That is amazing!
And do you know how to buy stamps to the sisters in order to support them financially?