Domestic price increase announced for 3 April 2024

Our increase to $1.50 for domestic mail was finally announced by AusPost yesterday, to take effect on 3 April.

On the upside, hopefully that means we’re getting some more new stamps soon (after the last mini Stamp Bulletin) and the 30c crocodiles are quite cute.


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Thanks for sharing :tulip:

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I haven’t been able to find the 30c stamps to make up the shortage. Am I being daft or are they not on the website yet?

Also, is it safe to say the $3 for international postcards is staying the same?

I don’t think 30c stamps are on the site yet. They are crocodiles — most post offices seem to have them as standard usually so I don’t know why they don’t have them online.

International price increases will get announced separately, so there’s no news there as far as I’m aware… for now! :hear_no_evil:

Ooh thank you. I’ll have to pop into my local store to see if I can get some crocodiles, they sound cute :smiley:

And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for international postage. I was just getting into a groove with stamp combinations too lol.

Thank you!

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I don’t think international postage is about to increase as it already increased quite recently.

That’s helpful, thank you ! :slight_smile: