Does France post accept French Polynesia's stamps?

I recently recieved a card from France,which he use 1.08 Euro France stamps + 80XPF French Polynesia stamp.Is it comply with France postal regulations?

I am pretty sure it doesn’t, but maybe @Omaha will know better ?

I confirm it’s not possible. French Polynesia has its own postal operator, its own stamps with a different currency.

Thank you!I don’t how it work,it may just the postoffice’s carelessness.

maybe 1.08€ was already ok. They maybe put the french polynesia as an extra… the same way I can put my 1€ which pays the post and a stamp from 1986in old greek currency which will be just as decoration and not to pay any postage… Just a guess

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But France post need 1.5Euro this year.

International postcard from France is 1,5€, I agree with @aegisW.
80 XPF can be converted as 0,66€, but as the stamp is not valuable, he should have pay postage due fees.
Almost all letters are mechanically sorted so it’s rather uncommon to see postage due letters when it comes from abroad.
As a postman, I can say that in my 10 years carreer, I saw less than 10 such letters coming from other countries.
However, it’s much more common with “France to France” letters. In my center we deal with about 10 each day.

Thank you,Can you tell us if I use old none Euro France stamps on postcard/letter,how much I should use?@Omaha.Those kind of stamps are much cheaper than stamps with Euro face value.

1€ = 6,55957 Francs
So for an international card you’ll have to apply 9,84 Francs

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Today I received a card from (mainland) France with a 10 F stamp from “Polynésie française RF Postes 2020”.

Seems to work perfectly fine…

It was a nice stamp with an endemic :snail:, btw

Edit: oups, I just realized Omaha is the professional expert. Maybe my card just slipped through… It was part of an RR, so I hope the sender didn’t use the stamps for all seven participants…