Does Anyone Know What This Stamp Is Worth? (USA)

Hi everyone! I got these stamps in a subscription pack and I was wondering if anyone knows how much these are worth? Usually it says on the stamp but these do not : (. Any help is appreciated thanks so much!

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$0.10 each

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I was curious and googled it. I would say they are worth 10c.

Mystic Stamp

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Beautiful stamp!

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Oh awesome thanks so much!

Thank you! I’m so excited to use them!!

Hi Sofia,

The value mentioned (10 cents of USD) is the face value, i.e. the value if you use the stamp for postage.

Philatelic value (as per the Scott catalog) would be between 25 and 65 cents of USD
Philatelic value (as per Stampworld on-line catalog) would be between 25 and 50 cents of EUR



Honestly, old stamps, be it used or mint, aren’t worth shit nowadays :grimacing: I collect them for beauty and mail art projects haha

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Thanks for posting this, I have a sheet of these and had no clue what the face value was.
There is a subscription service for stamps?

@cottontailfarm yeah! I use : D

Oh my goodness I want that greeting card subscription! I get my vintage stamps off of ebay. The seller I use sends out great packets and they cost below face.

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Thank you so much for telling me about this subscription, I have a few friends who would love this (I would too but it’s not to be for now :sob: maybe next year)
Thank you for sharing

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Aww you’re welcome!!

This postage stamp is in the 1975 US catalog. Not par value. The catalog contains three varieties of this stamp on perforation 11; 10½ x 11¼; 11¼. But most of all I was surprised by the circulation of 879 million. Wow