Documentary about Postcrossing

Hi, I’m Siddhanth a film student from London Film School and I’m producing a Documentary Film about Postcrossing and the people involved with it. It’s directed by Chenlei (laylayle on Postcrossing). We want to tell the stories of postcrossers, and their passion behind it.

We are looking for London based Postcrossers to interview between the 16th and 21st of April.

We are also looking for people outside London who might be interested in telling us their stories with Postcrossing where we intend to use the voices as voice over in the documentary.

If anybody is interested or knows anyone that might be interested please get in touch with me.



How exciting! Good luck with this project & I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of volunteers! :blush:

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What a good idea! I would like to help you with my story. :grinning:

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When the video is ready, will you leave the link here? It’d be interesting to watch for many people, I think!


I’m London based and might be interested. Will the interviews be conducted in person? Outdoors?

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Sounds like a great project! I would be happy to help. :postbox: :love_letter: :mailbox_with_mail:

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Hi, I’m based in London and happy to help.

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Nice Project. Happy to help from India

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@anon61807169 You can connect me at

I’m happy to help as well. I’ve been doing it for 11 years and have sent over 13,000 cards so I have a lot to say. :slight_smile:

Hello Siddanth, @anon61807169

I am a London based postcrosser, Chenlei @laylayle actually messaged me, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to reply properly,
If you private message with more details, I more that happy to participate,

I have her email address, I’ll email her

Hi @anon61807169 I live just outside of London but will most likely be travelling into the city a couple of times for work next month so if our schedules join up I’m happy to be filmed or do a voiceover, whichever works!

Happy to help - live in Canterbury