Do you want to exchange postcards with me

Nice to meet you. How are you? My name is Ellwnsy.I come from China,I want to exchange postcards with people in The Netherlands, Germany and England.(Because I like to watch the football games in these countries).I have a lot of postcards about the scenery,films,works of art.Does anyone want to trade with me?(I want postcards or stamps about football.My favorite team is Liverpool.I like Sunderland ,PSV,Birmingham City,BVB too.)Welcome to contact my
I’m sorry if I bothered you.


Hi Ellwsny!
Thank you for the forum post. I cannot offer much from your wish list, either I am coming from country with rich soccer history. But, if you want to exchange some post stamps, I am here!
Can you send scand of the postcards which you offering…?

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Hi, how are you? Very happy to receive your reply.If there are any postcards you like, you can choose 3 or 4

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How are you?You can send PM