Do you think the mail will pick up speed now that it's January?

I know Christmas made it at least a month slower than normal in the USA.

One can hope. But if a rise in COVID cases results in more postal workers out sick, it may continue to be slow.

Christmas is innocent. There have been Christmases and Presidential elections before in the USA, but they never let to such a blatant delay in mail delivers in the USA like 2020.


No. As long as COVID 19 numbers spike they will continue as is. Also, it depends on the rest of the world and availability of flights that USPS uses to send mail.

Much more complex issue than just the holiday season. The USPS is primarily focused on package delivery at this point. While this was exacerbated by the holiday rush (which was compounded by the pandemic, which made many people ship more things in lieu of gathering), that is only part of the problem. The current leadership of the post-office views it as a business which loses money, and seeks to correct that by cutting services. It is my view that the USPS is not a business, but a SERVICE provided by the government. As such, one should expect it to be subsidized, much like we subsidize other services like transportation and defense.

In any case, the USPS has many issues to overcome to get itself on the right track, and as others have mentioned, has to fight the ravages of the pandemic alongside the rest of us. So, my long-winded answer is no, expect delays for the foreseeable future.


Has anybody experienced extra long delivery times (specifically March 2021 and later)?

I live near Albany, NY (state capital) and regularly send postcards to America friends in Arlington, VA. On an average, they’re taking 30 days to arrive. (destination is ~380 miles, drivable in ~ 8 hours) Go to your own Stats page and see how many countries will get your card faster!
I know… postmaster general, old admission, etc. But really??