Do you send postcards to yourself?

Does anybody collect unique postmarks? It may be as proof that you were in some city/place… I’ve just sent 3 postcards to myself and now I’m waiting for them.


I send postcards to myself when I’m abroad :grinning:


I’ve heard of many people doing it but I never thought about it myself! I buy myself a postcard to bring home when I travel, but I never thought of sending it to myself. Probably because I’m not interested in stamps and postmarks so the postcard itself is enough for me :slight_smile:


I sometimes send to myself if there is a special cancellation available. Next week I am going to visit the zoo Korkeasaari in Helsinki and will send a card to myself from there because they have this special cancellation.


I would take one too xD

I usually send also a card to myself or my parents, live in the same house, when I travell or when I’m at a special place or meet-up


For the longest time I thought that sending a card to myself was weird. I mean, if you use postcards to tell someone else about your holidays, what can I tell myself about the holidays, if I’ve already experienced them? But I have recently started to do it. I remind myself of things that were left to do (mainly because traveling with a 1 year old doesn’t allow you to do all the things you would like to do, which is fine of course) and now wish that I had done that much earlier.

For example, when I visited Japan in 2019, I sent some cards to friends and family from the Tokyo Tower, which has a special postmark. Now those friends and family have that card, and I don’t. See what I mean? :laughing:


I send postcards to myself for my collections :slight_smile:


I do send postcards to my address, whenever I travel abroad for stamps and fond memory, and whenever I visit a place that has a permanent pictorial cancellation. It is fun.


It’s probably a good idea to send postcards to yourself when you’re abroad, because when you’re back home, and you receive them, you’ll know it wasn’t just a dream.


I like to send myself a card when travelling, it’s like a souvenir, sent from the travelling destination with date and postmark and nice memory. I’d also buy a piece of paper map, it reminds me of the routes and keeps a snapshot, everything changes so fast.


So far, I didn’t.
But maybe I would next time I see a special card I want to keep.
Because there are a few cards I’ve sent to friends & family from abroad I wish now I would have myself.
… after many years I finally got one of my two most missed cards from my mother back.

Edit: Thanks for the question. It made me think about it.


When I went to live in Africa (Zaire) as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I sent letters and cards home. That was 40 years ago. My friends and family saved them all.

When I returned home, my friends gave me all my letters back. I just found the box, and I’m putting all the letters together chronologically. What a nice memory for me to have.

I am going to start sending myself a post card when I travel.


I send postcards to myself usually only when abroad.

I started it as it is now quite rare for my Passport to be stamped when travelling these days.
For me it’s another way of preserving a moment in time whilst on a trip, whether it be good one or a bad one.
When the postcard arrives, makes the holiday/trip feel a little longer.


I send postcards to myself anytime I travel. I also collect vintage Chicago postcards (I’m from there), but I currently live in Michigan. Anytime I visit home, I send myself a few of those postcards so they have the IL postmark. It’s become a fun hobby for me.


Sometimes from Meet-Ups.


Depending on my mood… :see_no_evil::laughing:

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I send postcards home to remember a trip. I think it is fun!


I always buy postcards as souvenirs when I travel but never thought to mail one to myself. I sent my husband one from Italy once during a layover, but it never arrived. :confused:


I have done it but I’m not fond of doing it. I just don’t know what to write to myself. This reminds me of a little incident. A cafe website was offering free postcards. I asked a friend to fill out the form and send it to me…she was asking, “Why?? You could do it yourself!”…I told her I feel strange :joy: When I got the postcard…she had written a message mocking me :laughing:


I had only done it a few times, but recently I went on a trip with friends and we swapped postcards with each other, but since it is a domestic postcard I asked my friends to sign on one and I mail it to myself… that feels different because it has the “been there, done this with who” vibe