Do you match a card to the recipient's preferences/ profile?

Do you match a card to the recipient’s preferences/ profile?
How many different postcards do you have in your stash?


I try to but it’s not always possible. Right now I have 30-40 postcards I can choose from.


I try to, yes! I probably only have about 20 cards in my stash max, but I’m lucky in that a lot of the ones I find/thrift fit with peoples wants :smiley:


I try to but it’s really hard sometimes!


I usually do, it is a matter of courtesy, but of course some users have hopes of cards that I cannot find here, so in a very few cases I have to send a card that does not fit. And I am at a loss what to send to users who wish for “any type of card”…


I try but it is very hard. I do not have a lot. postcards are hard to find here.

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Yes. I like to read the profile carefully and always try to choose a card that fits in member’s preferences. It is not difficult for me because I have 920 different postcards …all kinds of cards you can imagine :sweat_smile:


Simple. If I have one that matches, I’ll send it. If I don’t have one that matches, then I’ll just send the one I think closely matches one.


I’m still new with a limited stash, so if a card doesn’t match then I do my best to make the back/message side unique. Maybe I have a sticker that relates to their profile? Maybe I can do a very rough doodle that matches? I’ll be sure to answer their message prompts, or if all else fails, and it’s no extra postage, I send a card with a bonus card to at least add to their stash and brighten their day.


I try. I also read the profile to see if I can write about things the recipient would be interested in reading.

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How do you store them?

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‘Any type of card’ is any type of card. I know people who will send a card they can’t send anyone else, poor humor, offensive.
I have received ‘any type of card’ usually with a thank you message that i will accept a card, they thought they could never send.

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I’ll try to, usually I’ll get to match it as long as it’s not a card I can’t source locally/ expensive artisanal card

Usually I’ll have 3 card designs, each about 50 cards. Most profiles’ requests will match one of these cards requests and I’ll get to send these out. Most of these are new releases so I won’t clash design with other postcrossers+ I don’t have to check whether they had this card. Also I can enjoy economic order quantity with that.

As for swaps, I used to source a very large variety of cards but it’s unpopular as everyone already has those cards. That’s a Peninsular Malaysian postcrosser’s problem :blush: Thus nowadays I just held on to whatever old stock I have+ these seasonal cards I use for postcrossing and other postcard sending websites for swap.

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as a rule what three designs do you always carry?

There are no set rules but here are some rules I used to choose my designs:

  1. one of them must be interesting or a ‘multiples’ card. For example, I had sent out Jawi alphabet cards and currently I have Johorean district flags
  2. another should be something touristy. I chose a Melaka cityview which covers UNESCO and cityview themes. Also had tried train postcards.
  3. another should be nature-y. I have a bird postcard for that. This is for people who are like “no touristy cards I only want these these these cards”.
  4. maximum card, but that’s very seasonal, depending on whether I have the time

Of course I had seen profiles outside of postcrossing wanting cards like “Oh I don’t want touristy, nor animals” which goes against any of my card design, in that case I’ll just send something else from my stash, but honestly once someone mentioned he/she doesnt want touristy I’m assuming I still can send touristy because so many postcrossers do not have access to those unique type of cards anyway.


I always try my best to match the wish list but if I don’t have one I’ll go with the safe option i.e tourist card and use stamp that matches wish list (if i have).

It’s not an obligation but I like preparing/writing a card more than receiving one. So to write on a beautiful postcard and be able to fulfill someone wish list is one of my happiness. And to receive a beautiful Hooray Messages of appreaciation on my card and my writing is like a true definition of postal hug for me.


I always try to match the wishes of the recepient, somehow.
If I cannot find a match in the “wish list” I have a look at his/hers favorite cards.
Since I like landscape photography I have created my own cards with some beautiful landscapes/animals representative of Western Australia.
I also do have a lot of tourist/view cards and a lot of maxi-cards.

If the recepient is too particular and only wants Harry Potter Cards, then there is no match and I send him/her whatever I want to get rid of.


Since we don’t have a postcard store in the city, I order online. And in recent years I have accumulated a lot, about 2.5 thousand. And I can’t stop :sweat_smile:. Because I buy them more than I ship them. I was always worried that I wouldn’t have a suitable postcard to send. Now there is a very large selection, of course, there are no famous serial postcards, but I always find what to choose.


I usually try to match the profile wishes.
I have some thousand cards in stock.


I always try to match the card to the wishes of the person, and I have a lot of cards, I didn’t count them but I would say around 1000 :see_no_evil: I love beautiful cards and I cannot stop buying them :sweat_smile: