Do you know if this stamp sheet is legit?


So I got this sheet today along other stamps I bought and I was wondering if it was legit.

I wonder because it’s not glossy or dented, it feels like paper.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would guess that yours is fake as I found this photo of the real stamp sheet which has indentations


Okay, thank you very much!

Imperforate examples of some stamps do exist either by design or accident. This could be such an example? I cannot tell if they are real though.


I bought it from a person who sent me other stamps and they were all original, so if this sheet is not, I bet he didn’t do it on purpose.

I found in some online stamp catalogues for collectors, that the imperforate version exists.

The normal sheet (with perforations) issued in 1978 along with Insects, Dogs, and Ducks series. All have the imperforate versions. But I’m not sure about the value.

This is what I found :

Here is one of the catalogue website (I forgot the others).


Thank you very much!

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These are Cinderella stamps. It has no values for posting mails because they are not issue to use as postage stamps.

Read more about Cinderella stamps at this website :


First, these stamps are not Cinderella Stamps. The Scott Stamp Catalog said this about these issues:

"Upon achieving independence in 1968, the elected president controlled a government that performed no functions, except internal security

*From 1972 to 1978, the country’s main post office was padlocked and completely inoperative. European agents continued to produce postage stamps for Equatorial Guinea and promoted with press releases from Spain."

So, no these numerous issues did not meet the criteria of valid postage according to Scott.


@FunkyTownky these stamps were issued in a se-tenant sheet of 16 stamps.

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Very interesting, thanks :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t appear in The Scott Stamp Catalog, so I won’t take that as an official stamp no matter how pretty it is.

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