Do you know any youtube channel related to philatelism?

Hello to everyone. I don’t know if its the right section of the forum or if this question was posed in the past. Lately I found another Russian channel related to Philatelism thanks to a Canadian Penpal. The creator firstly shows stamps and then shares a story related to them. The channel’s name is: Логово Интроверта and I feel blessed to find it today. Is there any more channels that you like watching related to postcards and stamps?

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I only know Exploring Stamps


Along with Exploring Stamps, I enjoy watching StampCat Stamps and Richard Philatelist.


Exploring Stamps with the British or maybe South African, Graham Beck. You have to Google Graham Beck Exploring Stamps or Graham Beck Stamps because you get Graham Beck wines and the Beck family of wines in South Africa, but it would surprise me if he was related to them, when you Google just Graham Beck.

His POBox is public. Write to him, he may write back. You may or may not get some swag. Limited to small stickers with his channel logo.

He does philately vlogs, taking viewers to the American Philatelic Society stamp show, the Stampex stamp show, shown off the mail he receives. He receives many rare and interesting Stamps, covers, FDCs,etc.
He also has “seasonal” episodes and explores different kinds of stamps from around the world.

Richard the Philatelist is a fun to see. He’s Chinese and based in the United Kingdom. He’s shown us stamps of the world and even his experience at the stampex stamp show among others…

I know there are not that many channels out there but they do exist.

Start with one and see who links up in the suggestions.

OP, I read the forum here and there and have seen your name pop up in the stamps swaps threads. So I know you are a philatelist.

What about you? Where is your channel or maybe start one?

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