Do you have a Thank You Mail Carrier sticker/stamp?

I saw this post by @nekelin and wanted to make a Thank You Mail Carrier sticker or stamp to thank those people working hard to help my cards travel. :hugs:

Do you have something similar like that? If you do, may I know what languages it is in? I’m thinking about designing it in English or perhaps including other languages.

Thank you for sharing! :relaxed:


I’ve got a stamp saying (in Dutch) : ‘Hey postbode, bedankt!’ and has a little envelope next to it. Recently I’ve also taken it upon me to write ‘Thank you, mail carrier’ in whatever language is spoken in the recipient’s country. A boy from India thanked me for that because it was the first time somebody wrote a message in his language. :wink: So, in short, I thank mail carriers in both countries (Belgium and whatever country I’m sending the card to). I sincerely think/hope it makes a bit of a difference to mail carriers everywhere.


ohh thats so kind!


I had some I found on Etsy when I bought these ones

I just checked on Etsy and saw many nice new ones.


Thank you for speaking about it. :blush: I only made “Priority mail” stickers to decorate and hide the bar code. With little postman characters too.
First ones when I did not have my Silhouette Portrait. Then the new ones I tried to do.


I’ve ordered a stamp from the papersisters, they have two:

(They advertise on postcrossing, so I guess linking them here is okay :slight_smile: )

I wonder if you find the translations via Google or…? I’m now imaging me taking down Thank you mail carrier in every language in a note book and copying it every time. :rofl:

These looks so cute! :heart_eyes:

Wow your designs are amazing! I really like the gradient background. :hugs:

Thanks for sharing the links! I have so many ideas now haha.

I have got few postcards with either written or on sticker message for the mail carrier, and it is really nice gesture but I have been thinking if it has any use at all. Haven’t yet got any stickers since I wasn’t sure if the message will be seen.

Here it is clearly stated that mail carriers, and others working with mail, are not allowed to read cards (or any other mail). This privacy is highly respected so at least technically the mail carriers will only ever read the address side, and I doubt they have even time to read anything more or the system is so automatized that they are not even really seeing the cards. So I am wondering if you have thought about where to place the sticker on the card (I would assume under the address is the best location?) and have there been any feedback like any folks here who work as mail carrier or has chatted with one? Do they see the thank you messages? Could there be even better way to thank them? (Sending thank you card to local post office or maybe add thank you sticker on post box?)

Near the address. But not too close. I guess.

I delivered mail for a while and a) I had to read the address to be able to deliver it and b) I am a very fast reader, so any message near the address would have definitely caught my eye.

Interesting ideas. :thinking:

My sister orders quite a lot online and our local parcel delivery guy is such a lovely guy, she has written him a card in an envelope which she is going to give to him the next time he delivers something.

I have been thinking of doing the same thing for our mail carrier, but maybe attaching it to our mail box with a washi tape for easy removal.

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Hey there,
Yes, I trust google translate to be able to tell me how to write ‘thank you mail carrier’ in another language. I know you cannot always rely on google translate, but I imagine this simple phrase shouldn’t cause any problems. The only problem might be mine when copying unknown characters (Chinese, Indian, Arab, …) Oh, well… my intentions are good. :innocent:

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Even though I do find this a cute sticker, it does not really thank the mail carrier, instead you ask him (not ‘her’ in this case, mind you) to do a good job. As if he doesn’t usually do that. No offence, just my opinion. :wink:

We always thank our postman around this time with a personal Christmas card which has a nice message, a chocolate (this is Belgium, after all) and a ‘tip’ (like you would give in a restaurant to the waiter, so some money). This is not commonly done, but I stick to it every year.

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@Shalottslady Don’t worry, I never said it was “Thank you mail carrier sticker”, I know what it it and had some. I said : “I had some I found on Etsy when I bought these ones.” Unfortunately, I did not have some left to show, that’s why, but I perfectly understood what the topic is all about. My bad I showed what I only have. I can delete.

Nonono, there’s no need to delete. They are cute. It’s just something I wouldn’t use.

I actually used to have a thank-you note sticked to my mail box. It did the job and also had an extra bonus - making my mail box pop up more. :joy:


I saw this done and I think it’s a wonderful idea. Posties need a reminder of how much we appreciate them.
The only disappointing thing is to see on etsy people selling 1 sticker for £1. I find that outrageous if not insulting. I can find really lovely postcards for less than £0.50 and some of these sellers want £1 for one sticker? I mean, come on. I understand and I always try to support local artists but this to me is con artistry!

L.E.: I just found the most amazing stickers and they are not £1 a piece. And the seller is happy to print them in a smaller version too! Wonderful!


I recently sent two postcards using a translator. I’m so used to most people, especially Postcrossing, speaking English I forget about their native tongue. Sometimes someones profile says their English isn’t the best. This is an ideal time to do some translation. This thought never occurred to me until I read your comment here.

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