Do you have a Postcrossing Hero?

A postcard recently took an additional, and unexpected, 1,603 mile journey to reach me.

Among my mail was a standard letter envelope from an unknown addressee from Arizona. Much to my surprise, inside was a postcard to me from Russia. An attached post-it note explained, “This card was stuck to my card from Russia.”

Taking the effort to forward the ‘lost’ card to me was so touching and kind.

My sincerest thanks to Pam from Arizona. You are my Postcrossing hero! :love_letter::mailbox_with_mail:



This is absolutely fantastic! Postcards with messages are cool but postcards with messages and their own stories are even better :smiley:


I have had two heroes this year! @BarbSchmidt and @redadmirable who very kindly forwarded official postcards that were addressed to me. :heart: :heart:


I have done that before! I got a card from Germany and stuck to it was a card to a Russian member, I sent it on with an explanation. She sent a thank you card… which took 6 months to get to me due to the pandemic :stuck_out_tongue:

I had heard before of cards getting stuck to each other from posts on the old forum, I never thought it would be possible!


And for me, the hero is the organizer of the Secret Christmas RR sunsky. Every year, she does an incredibly great job to gather a huge number of people who want to play and then tracks everything down to the last postcard received. It’s just a miracle, I don’t understand how she does it and how much time and effort she spends for us. Thank you to her very much for the joy that she brings us along with postcards from different countries, for the opportunity to participate in this. And every year we wait for her post about the start of this Robin.


That happened to me as well. A postcrosser from Pensylvania forwarded a card that was stuck to one of her cards from the Czech Republic. I sent her a thank you card for this.


Dude… I just checked out the Secret Christmas RR.
That is so intense. I hope to participate in that next year, sunsky is definitely a hero to organize that!

These stories were cool!
For me, as I am just returning after a few years and new to the forum, I think my heroes are the lovely creators of :postcrossing: (I won’t tag the two, haha) the helpful members of the forum, and mention my old hero (I don’t remember the user it was 2017)
They saw in my profile before I was going through a tough time, they sent me a postcard but put it into an envelope with a letter of assurance and well wishes. It really touched my heart they went so far just because of a few lines on my profile.


I also have 3 postcrosser friends here who came across our profile and decided to support us by sending a postcard. Now it has become a constant communication. We are happy about it!


I’m pretty sure everyone can see how popular the Favorites tags are. Well, a few years ago, one member (sandramr) started, and hosted, a Favorites RR. Basically, she created groups (sometimes as small as 2, sometimes as many as 15+) so that people would get their favorite cards. Just thinking of the amount of work she put in on creating those groups, then keeping track of them as they travelled—it was a lot of effort, which is probably self-evident as no one was willing/able to continue the RR when she could no longer manage it. I don’t think she got enough credit at the time for all the work she did, and I am just sorry I didn’t come back to Postcrossing early enough to tell her thank you (she’s no longer active). I consider her one of my postcrossing heroes. :wink:

EDITED 26 Feb 2021:
@sandramr is active again so I’m tagging her to this post. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@aerobear is my postcrossing hero. Thank you again.


I have had cards come to me for others, that I then pass on with another card in an envelope, and I’ve also had my cards go to someone else, who has then passed on to me as well. They are usually other postcrossers, too!