Do you have a collection of date stamps?

I have 1984-1993, 2019-2030, and a universal (can be used for all type of tricks)


I had a normal sized one and just bought one with very small numbers, only thing I don’t like is that the numbers are not in the normal order like day/month/year…this one has first the year then I don’t know if it’s month and day or day and month…

not heard of this, months work in 12s, and dates start with 1, 2 or 3. Does this help

Thank you! I hadn’t try much turning the wheels (just arrived by mail). Now I discovered that after the numbers there is also the possibility to have the month in letters :star_struck:

My old one and the new smaller one

Sorry, it’s a bit dirty now as I made many tries :grimacing:


When I write the date, by hand, I write the month in letters. Stops confusion, among cultures who use different date formats.

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I do the same, actually! Unless I know the country uses the date format that I do, I always write it out. That said, these stamps look awesome and if I see some I might have to pick them up :open_mouth: