Do you frame your postcard?

I just bought 2 cute frame to display 2 lovely card that i treasured most, but i’m having dilema if its the picture side or the writing side that i want yo show but I’ll figure it out LOL

Do you ever frame your postcard? What you do with the postcard you treasure most?


There are picture frames made of glass, where both sides are visible :blush:


Ah! I need to find them

For example like this.

But of course there are many more.

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I only framed two of my cards, and I showed the picture side as that was the reason I wanted to frame them at all. :smiley:
It’s one card from the Arctic (sent from me to myself from Svalbard) and one of the Antarctic, sent from a Dutch Postcrosser who had visited the Antarctic before. :slight_smile:


I put the very first official postcard I ever received in a frame :blush:

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I have some cards displayed in a standing 10x15 cm Ikea frame (doublesided and just 1 euro). They used to have larger square doublesided frames, don’t know if they are still available.

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Oh that’s amazing you received one from Antarctic!

Sent from the Netherlands, but yes, I love it so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Many years ago, when I first joined Postcrossing, I received this wonderful handmade card from Japan. I loved the drawing so much that I framed it and it has been on display in my living room ever since.


That is so lovely!!!

Thank you for sharing :smile:

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No, I don’t.

Too little space for too many wonderful cards.
I couldn’t decide which card deserves a place on the wall and which not.

I have framed several postcards. One was Hamilton the Musical and Stitch crossed over, so I made a collage of my Hamilton memorabilia. The other is a collection of Year of the Ox cards I have to my husband as a one year anniversary/wedding gift.


I bought this one at IKEA maaaany years ago ( the two kids are now 16 and almost 18 !! ) but probably you can still find it, it’s an evergreen item! And it has 5 or 6 pages so you can display up to 10/12 cards, it depends whether you want to see both sides of them or just one.



Beautiful! i love that frame and the composition.


I need to go to my local IKEA asap for this

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Thank you!