Do you ever send or received two postcards to/from the same member?

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I’m not sure if there is already a topic about this. Have you ever sent two postcards? (All the postcards I talk about here are official Postcrossing website ones) Recently, my mom re-joined Postcrossing and in the first couple months, two different people sent her two postcards. What I mean by this, is that they pulled her profile and wrote her two postcards. And this happened twice. They sent them separately, with their own stamps and address. And even wrote the same ID on both of them. We have no problem with this, it was a little confusing though. I just pulled the profile of a lady with a young son who also enjoys mail. The US domestic postcard rate is rather low, so I decided, why not send them both a card?! My question is, have any of you ever send two separate cards? Have you received two separate card(from the same person, same Postcrossing ID)?

EDIT: I am not talking about receiving two cards because the first expired it was taking a long time.


Did the cards for your mom take a long time to arrive? Some people send a second card when the first card expire. I generally don’t send a second card


Not at all! The first person sent two because they forgot to say something on the first card! And the second person was from the same country as us, so not too long a wait.

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Never received 2 cards, but I have sent 2 on occasion in my early days when I really wanted the card to arrive & be registered and the first had expired.

Now, I don’t worry about it.

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I have got packs of cards before

I recently pulled a profile that was shared by an aunt and niece, so I sent them their own cards! It can be fun to send multiple cards if you have the time and resources. I’m glad your mom was lucky enough to receive extra mail!

2 cards in envelope? This year I got twice
2 written and stamped cards? I wish I get it someday :slight_smile:

Yes, I have sent two cards (sometimes more) if the Postcrosser’s profile makes me think it would make them happy.

One Postcrosser was interested in art “that reflects the place where you live”. Well, I happened to have a very rare historical painting of a local landmark, so I sent it along with a modern tourist card of the same site from roughly the same angle. The Postcrosser was very happy!

You can see the cards here:


I’ve occasionally sent two cards if I get the sense from the profile that the recipient would appreciate it. I don’t expect two cards from other people although sometimes I’ve gotten two (or more) cards.

I have a few times gotten more than one card, sent individually or in an envelope. One Postcrosser even sent me 4 written and stamped cards. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And once I got an envelope containing 15 cards all from my favorites. Some people are just sweethearts.
I rarely send out two, but it happens. Then I’ll put them in an envelope together and add stuff until I’ve maxed out the 20g I can send for standard letter postage. :smiley: With bookmarks, notepads and such things.


I did send 3 cards in one envelope once. The lady wrote on her profile how much she loved football stadiums and I happend to have 3 different cards of the stadium in Munich left. I had these for quite some time and never had a matching profil. I decided since she collected these kind of cards, I just surprise her with more than one card. Postcrossing is for me about making people happy. :blush:
Receiving more than one card is rather rare. If I ever got more than one card, they were always in the same envelope. But even them, one of them were always an ad card. It’s more common to receive some tea or a bookmark along with one card instead of a second card. Just enjoy that you receive two cards. In case you think it was a mistake, you can always contact the sender.


I was surprised to receive two buckwheat blooming postcards together:

As for sending, I don’t send two postcards like that. Sometimes I hesitate what to choose and think about sending both, but send only one in the end.

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I wrote in my profile that I love everything about the sky, and someone from Pennsylvania sent 2 cards at once. I was so happy.
I also sent 2 cards to Germany. @cali29

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well, sometimes it happens to me - when the address is written on the other card by my mistake and if the image on the postcard is not in person’s anti-wish I send two cards, or when I have a card that perfectly corresponds person’s profile (from my point of view) and I have a meetup card when meetupcards are also mentioned as extremely liked by the addressee - it is easier for me to send two than to make a choise :slightly_smiling_face:

And in March I received 2 separate cards from one sender but the ID was missed on both of them :joy:


I recently received two postcards a few days apart from the same person. She had sent me a beautiful card, but then she went to the bookstore and found a wonderful one that she knew I would love based on my profile. It really touched my heart that she was thinking about me and extended an extra kindness.


I have met here in PC many people who are thinking exactly so, by many different ways. During my over 10 years here I have received 2 or more cards from the same person. The biggest surprise to me was a postcrosser who sent me all the Unesco World Heritage sites of his country, without any swap agreement. Some people like to send their douple cards written and stamped, the other like to use envelope. No matter for me. I have also sent double cards to somebody if I see that she/he or her/his child is collecting something special which is quite hard-to-get and I happen to have piles of it.
We have all the keys to make this world a bit easier and nicer to the other people. But sending one card on your turn is enough, too.


:scream: :scream: How many card?
The most number of cards I received from an official ID are 4 cards in envelope sent from Finland and Russia. They both sent me cards matching my wishlist. The one from Finland even sent me 3 maxicards.

I’m not sure what kind of cosmic coincidence this is, but, the day after creating this topic, what do I receive? A wonderful postcrosser sent me: two postcards, a greeting card, a map, a magnet, five pages of his creative writing, a little booklet, and to top it all off, used 10 stamps to send it all in an envelope! All of this, when he could have just sent a simple postcard. (This envelope was not from a swap or tag). Postcrossing is such a wonderful community, and I can’t thank this person enough! It made my day!


I once saw profile of one elderly gentleman. He wanted to quit postcrossing so he sent 2 cards for every person. It was his way to get rid of his cards quicker


And I was one of the lucky members who received 2 cards from him.