Do you ever overpay on postage to use cool stamps?

For international stamps there isn’t a very wide selection of stamps here, so I often use a combination of domestic stamps, but that does mean overpaying a bit on postage. Do you ever do that just to use the cooler stamps?


Yes sometimes I do. But I try not to do it too often :slightly_smiling_face:
If you use older euro stamps you can make fun combinations too without overpaying.


Sometimes, I also sometimes overpay by some cents because it’s easier to get more choices of stamps that way.

It cost $2.71 to sent a postcard internationally from Canada and right now there is only one stamp produced by Canada Post with this postage & I’m not a real fan of it. So I use 3 - 92 cent stamps instead. I pay 5 cents more than I need to but I’m happier with the choice of stamps.

I’m also not willing to use up more space on a postcard than the space 3 stamps take up, lol - I want room to write and my handwriting/printing is fairly big.


Yup! In fact, I literally just did with the last one I sent. I did a birthday card for a theater fan and I had two playwright stamps that together were just a touch too much.


No. Postage is too expensive as it is, I am not willing to give the post more money than is absolutely necessary.


I am doing it occasionally (When there is a stamp related to the postcard that I am going to send).


yep :slight_smile: all the time. i love the usps and i love stamps. i am a ridiculous correspondence dork. it all makes me so happy. lol


Very occasionally, and only when I know that the recipient will appreciate the stamps. Otherwise, I try to use exact postage so I’ll still have stamps left to send more mail.


Yes! Not always, of course, but when I have stamps that exactly match the recipient’s interests, I don’t mind using a little extra postage!


Yes, but in an indirect way. I built a stash of older pre-U.S. Forever stamps through eBay, and some of Postcrossers’ common requests/themes fetch a premium – e.g., Disney, sunflowers, trains, superheroes.

So while I always use exact postage on the card itself, I sometimes overpay to acquire those stamps. It usually balances itself out, since other themes are available for below face value.


I’ve occasionally thought of it, because the definitives to make up difference are so boring, but the value on the non-definitive stamps are just too high to combine them.

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Oh, absolutely. Kind of. I try to mostly use older stamps that I buy in assortments on Ebay for below face value. Having a stash of assorted vintage stamps lets me personalize the card, sometimes it adds up to above the “sending” cost but again, I buy them at below face value so it evens out


I do if they are a stamp lover. if they want the postcard I use exact amounts


Being stingy :joy: I never even thought of that. Well I have done it occasionally on letters in the UK as I had some handy small value stamps so it was only a few cents. Here in Singapore I find postage to be so cheap that it recently occurred to me that it wouldn’t break the bank to overpay a little sometimes (also all I want to save money for is travelling and I can’t now, so…). But not being so interested in stamps myself, it is more out of convenience than anything. (of course I am happy to give a nice stamp to someone who is interested, but stamps are not my priority).

Initially I used to affix only commemorative stamps and overpay by a bit but these days I use only the required postage. When you’ve mailed hundreds of cards, those savings can add up to a lot. Some people are also not into stamps and barely notice them.
I make an exception every once in a while for friends or people who’ve gone out of their way for me.


I do this in these tags:

I also do this when I don’t have exact value of the stamps.
I need 7000 stamp to send card to Europe but the Post Office near my place often only have 3000 and 5000 stamp. So I just put 3000 + 5000 and I overpay 1000 (14%).

And sometimes I do this to frequent tagger/swapper who loves stamps.
Recently I overpaid 1500 (25%) to China and 2000 (33%) to Singapore :sweat_smile:


Postage is so expensive that I really can not :confused:

And we don’t really have that many different stamps available at time anyway. It is usually just less than 10 different designs to buy from so there isn’t so much of selecting the best stamp to fit the profile (am really jealous of you all with wider selections and lower prices!) But I do have some older stamps with lower value which I sometimes add as extra if I find the profile nice and they seems to like stamps. However I do this quite rarely as I don’t have so many of those older stamps and it takes time to find more of them.


No I do not normally. I did for Christmas to use nice Christmas stamps when I overpaid 2 cents.

We have many stamps of diferent value in Germany that allows me to use different stamps but to come out at the requested value.

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In Germany there are charity stamps that come in a series of 3: 0,80€ (plus 0,40€ for charity), 0,95€ (plus 0,45€) and 1,55€ (plus 0,55€). The normal Postage for an international stamp is 0,95€.

Sometimes, if sending to a passionate stamp collector, I choose the most expensive stamp. :blush:

I join RRs regularly and if I meet stamp collectors there, I try to keep track of the stamps I already sent. So if only the 1,55€ stamp is missing of a series, I’ll make a postage upgrade as well. Counting in the charity fee, I realize it’s 2,2 times the normal postage… :upside_down_face: It’s better not to calculate. :wink:


Not so much “to use cool stamps” than “to save space for writing”…

Polish Post is in the habbit of raising the postage for international mail without issueing new stamps for the new international postage :frowning: So then you have to combine different values, which can be tricky at times. And then I’d sometimes use 2 or 3 stamps to get slightly above the postage rather than use 5 to pay exactly the right price.